Common Signs He’s Cheating: How To Tell

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Common Signs He’s Cheating: How To Tell

In the days before smartphones, the signs of a cheating boyfriend or husband were a little different. You might have known something was up if he kept coming home late from work or was consistently called away on “business trips.” Perhaps your house phone would ring at odd hours and the caller hung up when you answered.

Today, we all have our own private virtual world at our fingertips. If your boyfriend had any inclination to be unfaithful, he could use his phone to gain easy, instant access to anyone he might want to cheat with: an old crush he found on Facebook, a co-worker, or a stranger he met at a coffee shop.

Even if he isn’t physically cheating on you, he could be having an emotional affair with someone on his phone right under your nose, you wouldn’t even know it – unless you know what to look for.

Want to know if you’re dealing with a cheating boyfriend? Look for these technology habits that could indicate he’s into someone else.

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1. He changed his phone passcode.

If you and your partner spend a lot of time together, you’ve almost certainly unlocked and used your phones in each other’s presence. If your boyfriend has suddenly changed the passcode on his phone (or added one if he didn’t already have a passcode), it could be because he doesn’t want you to be able to open it and see who he’s communicating with.

2. He always keeps his phone close.

It’s also suspicious if your boyfriend used to leave his phone on the kitchen counter and now he keeps it in his pocket on silent. A cheating boyfriend doesn’t want to miss a beat of ecstasy by disappearing from a texting conversation with the other woman. Guys who’ve admitted to cheating reveal they used to text the other woman right under their girlfriends’ noses – that means while lying next to her in bed, while talking in the kitchen, while in the passenger seat of the car, etc. Just because your man is physically with you, it doesn’t mean he is mentally.

3. He hides his phone when you’re together.

Alternatively, your boyfriend may just stop using his phone in front of you altogether. Bustle says if your partner begins leaving his phone in the car or otherwise out of sight (when he’s never done this before), it may indicate that he’s avoiding the possibility of getting calls or texts from his other lover while you’re around.

4. He gets texts messages late at night.

Secretive, late-night texting could be a sign that your boyfriend is trying to conceal his communications with someone from you. You might want to examine his body language when his notifications go off at 1 a.m. If he rolls over in bed and ignores it, it’s probably nothing. But if he looks happy and excited, and responds to it immediately, think about whether he does this when he receives a text from a regular friend or family member.

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5. He won’t respond to your texts, but is active on social media.

If your man ignores messages from you but is actively posting on his Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter account, it could be because he’s more concerned with trying to impress someone he’s connected with on social media. In a healthy relationship, communicating with your partner should be more important than updating your online followers. By pushing you to the sidelines, your boyfriend is making his priorities clear.

Any of the above signs, coupled with an abrupt change in behavior or communication in your relationship, could indicate that your boyfriend is being unfaithful. Confront him about the situation if you suspect he’s cheating, and if he denies it, you may want to dig a little deeper with a background check. You might discover a hidden dating profile or social media account with evidence of his infidelity.

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Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.

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