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What is Reverse
Address Lookup?

Want to learn more about a home for sale without calling a realtor? Or maybe you’re curious about the neighbor who moved in across the street. Reverse address lookup gives you a view into a piece of property and the people who live there.

With just an address, you can potentially uncover a wealth of information about the current and previous property owners, home value and sales history and even neighborhood safety data. You’d be surprised at the information a reverse address search report may contain—and how many ways you can use it.

  • Make better decisions when buying a home. Reverse address reports can reveal the current and previous owners’ names and personal information, property sale and foreclosure history, mortgage and loan information and even census data and useful details about the neighborhood.
  • Reconnect with old neighbors. With a property address, you can find names and current contact information for former neighbors and old friends.
  • Get to know new neighbors.A reverse address search may show not only the owner’s name and information, but a list of possible residents as well. If someone moves into a rental home in your neighborhood, you may even find information about the current renter.
  • Verify information about online sellers. Meeting a stranger to complete an online transaction can be risky. Before picking up an item from someone’s home, use a reverse address search to potentially reveal important information about the seller.
  • Find out more about a neighborhood. Beyond information about a property or resident, a reverse address report can tell you a lot about an area, such as average home value and household income, population by age, ethnicity and gender, even important safety information about neighborhood sex offenders.
  • Update your address book. You can also use this tool for mailing address lookup to confirm addresses before you send out holiday cards, wedding invitations, graduation or birth announcements to long-lost family members and friends.

How to use BeenVerified’s Reverse Address Lookup

Getting property, neighborhood and ownership information about a home or business is easy with BeenVerified’s Reverse Address Lookup. Simply begin typing the address into the search bar and select the correct address from the autofill drop-down menu. You can also do an address lookup by phone number or by the person’s name to find out an address.

BeenVerified combs through multiple publicly available data sets and billions of data points to uncover information about property ownership and deeds, sales history, tax information and property details. You’ll see a preview report in just a few seconds. You'll also have the opportunity to dig deeper into the information that interests you.

What information can I find with Reverse Address Lookup?

BeenVerified’s Reverse Address Lookup reports may reveal useful information about an address, such as:

Current property owner’s name and contact information, including email addresses, social media profiles, address history and potential relatives

Names and personal data about possible residents

Details about the property, including square footage, total number of rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms, legal description, lot size and year built

Home value and sales reports, including mortgage data and property tax assessments

Neighborhood information, such as census figures about population, demographics and average income, as well as the location of any nearby registered sex offenders

When you choose BeenVerified for reverse address search, you also get access to available reports about the people who own and live in the property. No need to pay for multiple searches and services.

Anatomy of an address

There are more than 159 million residential addresses in the U.S., not including post office box and general delivery addresses. Most residences follow this standard format: house number, street name, city, state and ZIP code.

Name or attention line


Delivery address

City, state, ZIP Code

Anatomy of Addresses

In rural areas, however, mailing addresses are based on the mail route rather than the recipient’s physical street address. For example, the mailing address for someone who lives on a farm might read “RR 5 Box 10,” which means box #10 on rural route 5. If you only have a physical address, your letter might not reach the recipient. An address lookup can reveal an accurate mailing address.

In 2018 alone, the U.S. Post Office processed almost 37 million changes of address. About 11% of the population moved to a new home in 2017. It’s no wonder people lose touch with family members and friends.

Annual Geographical Mobility Rates
Percent of total population that moved within a year
2008 2007 2004 -2018
Annual Mobility Rates Graph Annual Mobility Rates Graph Annual Mobility Rates Graph

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

How BeenVerified Address Lookup can help

You can spend countless hours searching the internet or chasing down records at the library or courthouse when you're looking for information about a property or person—or you can use BeenVerified to search billions of public records in dozens of databases to get the information you need in under a minute much of the time.

BeenVerified gives you virtually instant access to information you may never be able to find on your own. We go beyond surface data to give you all the available details. Whether you’re looking for property or neighborhood data or information about the people who live in a home, you may find it in one place with one quick, simple, confidential search.

Reasons to Use Address Search

  • Not sure how much to offer for that new house? Address lookup could give you more insight into estimated value and what comparable homes have sold for.
  • Moving to a new city or state? Use reverse address search to make sure the neighborhood is right for you or your family.
  • Want to reconnect with a childhood friend whose old phone number is disconnected? A reverse address search may uncover current contact information, potentially including personal and work phone numbers and email addresses, social media profiles and even a spouse’s name.
  • Wary about the tenant in the house next door? Reverse address lookup can uncover the property owner’s name and contact information so you can share your concerns.
  • Worried about neighborhood safety? Search your address to check for crime information and any nearby registered sex offenders.

Whether you're looking to put down roots in a safe neighborhood, buy the perfect home, get to know your new neighbors or stay in touch with family and friends, BeenVerified Reverse Address Lookup can make it easy to find the information you need.

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