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Who Lives Near You?

We no longer know our neighbors. When parents or grandparents talk about the good old days, one of the things that they discuss is that neighbors knew one another. We live in a much more mobile society. People move in and out of neighborhoods frequently. Furthermore, with most adults in households working full-time jobs, it can be difficult to get to know your neighbors. A lot of people don’t even know their neighbors’ names, even if they recognize them to nod at or say “hi” at the community mailbox. The old neighborhood way of transmitting information- the neighborhood gossip network is no longer capable of keeping up with who people are and what they may have done. It may never have been up to that task in the first place. Does this mean that you need to live in fear, concerned about living in the midst of strangers? No. The first step in removing some of that fear is learning who lives around you. Our Reverse Address Lookup service allows you to put in an address and find out who lives at that address.

I Live Near Rental Property and Need to Contact the Owner

Sometimes the problem isn’t finding out who lives in a property, but finding out who owns the property. Is a landlord failing to ensure that property is maintained? Has rental property been abandoned? Has someone been injured on the property? Are you simply interested in finding out if a vacant home will soon be for lease or for sale? Our Reverse Address Lookup Service can help you find out who lives at the home and should help you find out who owns the property, as well.

I Think My Neighbor Might be a Criminal

Who hasn’t gotten a creepy vibe from someone? Nothing specific about them, but something has set your alarm bells ringing and made you want to exercise caution around the person. Before you can find out more information about them, you need to identify them. However, it’s hard to find out someone’s name without introducing yourself, which may be the last thing you want to do if someone makes you feel uncomfortable. You could always check your state’s Megan’s Law registry, which should contain a list of child sex offenders. That is a good way to determine if a registered sex offender lives at the address in question. The problem is not all dangerous offenders are registered. Using our Reverse Address Lookup feature gives you the information you need to do more investigation, like run a Criminal Background Check. The reality is that there are many dangerous people with extensive criminal histories that are not required to register, whether because they were never convicted of their crimes or convicted of crimes that did not trigger a registration requirement.

It’s Not a Neighbor

We don’t always want to know just about the people who live around us, but sometimes the people who live around our loved ones, near their schools, or by their places of business. You can look up any address with our Reverse Address Lookup service and find out who lives in the home. If that information is not sufficiently detailed, you can always use our Background Check service to find out more information about the inhabitant, such as other adults who live in the home. This might give you the information you need to either give you peace of mind or a much-needed wake-up call.

Will They Know I’m Looking for Them?

One of the biggest concerns people have when they begin to research someone is that the person will know about the search. In a Reverse Address Lookup, the person is never notified that a search has been conducted. Even if they were, all they would discover is that BeenVerified is running a search on them.