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What are white pages?

White pages are a directory that lists residential telephone numbers in alphabetical order by name. Online, white pages may be used to lookup a phone number using a name, or a reverse phone lookup. The purpose of white pages is to allow a user to quickly find information related to a person or phone number in which they are interested.

Generally, the information available may include a name, associated addresses, and phone numbers. Traditionally, a person could opt out of having their information included in the white pages by paying a fee: in a case like this, a number is then characterized as "unlisted."

What Types of Records Can You Expect to Find in white pages?

White pages may reveal physical addresses and phone numbers often associated with a name. In physical book format, this directory is organized by listing names alphabetically.


First, middle, last names, and name suffixes may be listed in the white pages. In many cases, only a middle initial may be available.

Phone numbers

There may be multiple phone numbers listed for a specific person, which may vary between landlines and cell phone numbers. If they can be traced to a specific property, they may be listed next to the address of that property.


Any address associated with a name may be listed. This includes any property owned by an individual and PO boxes.

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What are some of the Reasons People Use white pages?

There are many reasons why a person may use the white pages, which may be personal or for business.

  1. A person may want to verify or confirm the contact information they received for another party before attempting to reach out to them.
  2. Finding an old friend may be made easier using white pages. With just a name, contact information may be uncovered.
  3. After receiving a text message, call, or voicemail from a mystery sender, you may be able to find the name of this person using a reverse phone search. By not seeing a name attached to a phone number, you may be able to deduce that in all statistical likelihood you were the target of a telemarketer, scammer, or robocaller.
  4. If a contact changed their address or phone number, and you don’t have this latest information, you may be able to find it through white pages.

Even with very little information, you may be able to find the missing pieces of the puzzle in one place.

What is the difference between white pages and yellow pages?

While white pages are a directory for personal information, yellow pages are a directory listing businesses and their information.

Addresses and phone numbers may also be listed alongside the business name. As with white pages, the yellow pages listings are organized alphabetically within a certain category (e.g., “lawyers”). They may also be known as “golden pages” or “A2Z.” In most cases, businesses may be listed in the yellow pages through paid advertising.

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