What is People Search?

It's finally easy to find public data and search people online!

In the digital age, more information is available about people than ever. People Search offers a quick and easy way to access that information when you want it. From court records to current addresses, People Search can create a report that includes a "ton" of information. Using just a legal name, you can generate a report that includes known aliases or other names, marital status, current and former addresses and phone numbers, birthdate, family members or roommates, arrest history, conviction record, business associations, work history, professional or business licenses, property records, tax records, litigation history, driving records, sex offender registration, political party affiliation and more.

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You can use our powerful people search tool to find friends, relatives, celebrities or even yourself. Or, if you want to sample what a report looks like, you can browse our people directory. The directory includes free background data on selected individuals.

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How Can I Use People Search?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act and other regulations limit how you can use a BeenVerified Search report, but that still leaves plenty of leeway for personal use. Lost touch with a college friend? Find their phone number with an online People Search report. Google has so much information, it can be nearly impossible to find a specific person. The same is true using social platforms. BeenVerified’s search tool uses extra information to narrow the field, letting you get in touch with your first love, an out of touch family member or a work contact. It can also give you extra information about someone new in your life. When you don't want to depend on first impressions, a quick People Search report can be very helpful. Don't show up to a blind date and get blindsided. With BeenVerified’s search tool, you can better verify the truth and be confident before you show up for dinner.

What Is in a BeenVerified People Search Report?

Every BeenVerified Search Report is broken down into eight sections.

  • Overview. This includes the basic information you need to verify a correct match, like full name, birth month/year, age estimate, current address Contact Info. In addition to a possible current address, you will find phone numbers, email addresses and an address history in this section.
  • Known Associates. If you're not sure about the information in the overview, knowing about relatives may help eliminate doubts. If you're looking for an out of touch family member, it can also help point you in the right direction.
  • Criminal & Civil. Thousands of jurisdictions have digitized their records, making it easy for a search report to include information about arrests, civil and criminal records and court proceedings. This may allow you to check litigation history and get an overview of someone's history with the law. For those areas without digitized records--there are a surprising number of them--BeenVerified offers a Court Runner service that may include the ability to obtain records directly from the courthouse.
  • Bankruptcies. Financial information can be important when considering a relationship or making an online purchase. Near instant access to filing records, dates and creditor information can provide a clear picture.
  • Professional. Under this section, BeenVerified provides available information about someone's educational and professional background. It might include a list of employers, any college where someone attended and any degrees they earned from a higher learning institution.
  • Social Media & Website. BeenVerified also could uncover social media profiles, blogs and websites that are part of someone's online persona. Perhaps they own an e-commerce site or regularly guest post on a blog.
  • Premium Data. The basic report covers much of what one needs to get in touch and/or get a snapshot of a person's legal history. With premium data, you go one substantial step deeper for a look at things like additional languages spoken, where someone was born, any judgments or liens and more. You can even get a look at possible hobbies by exploring any licenses or permits issued to them. This can include everything from FAA licenses to watercraft records and sporting permits.

How Does It Work?

Public records are exactly that--public. But, public doesn't mean easy to access. With hundreds of thousands of databases collecting information as diverse as court records and posts on social media, aggregating all of that data in a useful digestible fashion for yourself could take hours, if not days, weeks or more. BeenVerified does the heavy lifting for you by automatically searching digitized records and compiling an easy-to-read report. With billions of data points and regular updates, these reports are as accurate as can be, though mistakes can occur. Sometimes updated information hasn't been posted digitally and there could be mistakes in the information posted. That is why these records are designed solely for personal use.

What Is the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and How Does That Impact People Search?

The FCRA provides protection, regulating when and how you can use information from public and private records. For example, if an employer wants to a run a credit report before making a hiring decision, they must disclose and get permission from the applicant. While BeenVerified accesses public information from public records, it is NOT a consumer reporting agency. That means that it is not a source that you can use for making hiring decisions, screening tenants, making credit decisions or other processes that require legal disclosures about the process. With BeenVerified, you don't need permission to look, but you do need to be looking for the right reasons. Want to see what's on your public records report? No problem. Find and correct any errors before they may cost you a dream job or ruin a date. Want to screen your relationships? Spare yourself the surprise and horror of moving in with someone who has a criminal past or habit of breaking leases. It's a great way to check up on potential roommates.