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What is Username Search?

When you sign up for a social media account, part of the fun is coming up with a clever username. You can choose a variation of your name or words that reflect your interests or personality, but whatever you choose has to be unique.

For that reason, a username search tool can be invaluable when you're trying to look up someone. If you search for a common name like John Smith, you might get hundreds of results, but if you do a social profile search for a username such as @ j_smith012345, you’ll only get one—the person who owns the account.

When you’re looking to find someone online, username search isn’t usually the first thing that comes to mind, but it can be surprisingly effective. That’s because most people have at least one social media account and the average person has seven. In fact, somewhere in the world someone is signing up for a new social media account every six seconds. If you have the person's social media username, you can potentially find out more about them with a reverse username search.

Social network sites worldwide ranked by number of monthly active users (IN MILLIONS), as of October 2023

Graph of active social media usernames on top social network sites Graph of active social media usernames on top social network sites Graph of active social media usernames on top social network sites

Source: Stastica

How does username search work?

If you’ve ever used an email lookup to potentially find out more about the person who sent you a message, you know the basic principles behind username lookup.

Sometimes a social media username search may reveal more than you expect. People are often creatures of habit; they frequently use the same username on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or other social media sites. Once you know their username on one social media platform, you may be able to find them on many others.

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How can I use reverse username search?

One reason people choose unusual usernames is to remain anonymous on social media. While Internet anonymity allows users to feel protected, it can also foster hostile behavior, such as posting controversial content, making offensive comments and even stalking others on the platform, a phenomenon observed by Stanford University experts. With reverse username search, you might be able to remove the cloak of secrecy and uncover who may be trolling you.

Social media username search has a host of uses in an increasingly digital world, including how to:

  • Arm yourself against catfishing and other common scams. Scammers have learned to play on people’s emotions to get cash and other valuables from their victims. If you suspect someone you’re interacting with online might be out to scam you, a username lookup may help confirm your suspicions.
  • Avoid online fraud. Online fraud cost U.S. consumers $1.5 billion in 2018. Before you do business with an online seller—or share any personal information—use a reverse username search to try and learn more about who you might be dealing with.
  • Learn more about your online dating match. Anonymity is great when you’re sifting through online dating profiles, but once you’re ready to meet, it’s smart to confirm key details. A username search may be able to reassure you that the person you met online is worth your time.

How to do a username lookup on BeenVerified

If you've already tried a Google username search, you may be able to find out more with a BeenVerified username search.

BeenVerified’s combs through multiple databases, public records and other sources to find information associated with a username.

Within moments, an easy-to-use report will be compiled that contains publicly available data connected to that username.

You can use a reverse phone number search on both personal and business numbers to get the details about who may be calling or texting you.

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What information will a social media search provide?

You can learn more than just the name behind a social media profile. A BeenVerified username search may reveal helpful details such as:

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Current and past addresses

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Profile Pictures

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Possible Relatives

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Contact information including phone number and email address

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Other Social Media Accounts

Look for criminal records

Criminal Records

The more active someone is online, the more information you may be able to uncover with a username lookup.

Interacting with people online is a great way to expand your social circle, but in some cases, it can also expose you to fraud and other dangers. BeenVerified can empower you to try to learn more about who you're really interacting with in our digital world.

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