Is BeenVerified legit?

BeenVerified is a legitimate platform that provides access to public record information. The company provides regularly updated information through its reports and searches.

Why is BeenVerified trustworthy?

BeenVerified demonstrates legitimacy through the following aspects:

Data Quality

BeenVerified aggregates billions of data points from reputable sources such as public records and government databases. The accuracy of the data can vary based on the quality and completeness of the underlying sources, though BeenVerified has high standards for its data providers and strives to maintain a high level of data quality.

Industry Experience

BeenVerified has been in operation since 2007 and has a high level of industry expertise and stability. The platform has had time to establish itself and build a robust infrastructure for data aggregation and analysis.


BeenVerified complies with applicable laws and regulations regarding consumer protection and data privacy. The platform takes privacy and data security seriously, implementing measures to protect user information and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Positive User Feedback

It's essential to consider a range of reviews: BeenVerified has helped more than 1 million people, with positive feedback from many users who have found and continued to find value in the service.

What features does BeenVerified offer?

BeenVerified offers a range of tools and information for conducting searches and accessing public record information. Here are some of the key features of BeenVerified:

People Search

Users can search for individuals by entering their name, location, and/or other identifying details. Where possible, the platform can provide full name, aliases, age and current and previous addresses. Phone numbers, email addresses, and social media profiles associated with the person are also often available.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Users can perform reverse phone lookups to try to gather information about a specific phone number. This feature may provide details about the owner of the number, associated addresses and other relevant information.

Email Search

BeenVerified allows users to search for information related to a specific email address, such as the owner of the email address and associated details.

Property Search

Users can conduct property searches to access information about properties and real estate. This may include details such as property ownership, property market values, transaction history and other relevant data.


BeenVerified offers monitoring services that allow users to receive alerts and updates regarding changes or updates to a report.

Unclaimed money search

With as much as $70 billion in unclaimed money being held by state governments, BeenVerified helps you search to find money that may belong to you or someone you know.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • While BeenVerified aims to provide accurate information, it's important to understand the platform's data must not be solely relied upon for legal purposes. BeenVerified should be considered a tool for gathering preliminary information and conducting research rather than serving as definitive evidence in legal matters.

    It's advisable to consult with legal professionals and follow appropriate legal procedures.

  • Yes. BeenVerified is not a consumer reporting agency and does not provide consumer reports pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Users are therefore expressly prohibited from using BeenVerified for purposes subject to FCRA, including using any information as a factor in, or for any purpose in connection with, determining a person's eligibility for employment, tenancy, educational admission, benefits, credit, loans, insurance or for any other eligibility determination subject to FCRA. More information can be found here.

  • Yes, there are other online services available, such as PeopleLooker and NeighborWho. It is recommended to research and compare different services before choosing one.

    It's important to research and evaluate different background search services to determine which one best fits your specific needs. Comparing multiple services can help you find the one that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

  • BeenVerified is a legitimate background report service. The platform offers a wide range of data types, conducts detailed searches and has been in operation since 2007, establishing its reputation in the industry. Whether you're looking to update your contact lists, want to search for someone's available criminal history or just want to learn more about a person you recently met, BeenVerified can help you find the information you need.

  • Yes, BeenVerified is a legitimate platform that provides access to public records. These records come from a variety of sources that may include local and federal governments and places like county assessor and clerk and recorder offices. Specific record types can include real estate records, criminal records and traffic records. The company provides information on real people near you so you can search for individuals by details like first and last name, address and phone number.

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