Online Dating: Your Most Common Problems Reviewed

Online Dating: Your Most Common Problems Reviewed

Chloe Seaman
February 14, 2017

Online dating is both thrilling and threatening; exciting and exhausting; viable and vexing. With such conflicting realities, problems often arise that make you want to throw in the towel and stay alone.

But the problems you may be facing with online dating are common, and just require a few simple solutions so you can start having successful results.

Problem #1: Bad dates undermine your confidence

Why it could be happening:

It’s no surprise that people lie on their online dating profiles. In a survey conducted by global research agency OpinionMatters, 53 percent of participants admitted to lying on their profiles – and that number comes from just the one’s willing to admit it!

When dating-site algorithms work to match you up with someone, they’re doing so based off the information you – and your potential matches – provide. If two people lie on their profiles, are matched up and end up going on a date, they might find they don’t really like each other – which leaves you thinking there’s something wrong with you.

Solution: Revamp your profile.

Replace old photos with current ones that get good attention. Be honest and approachable. It’s not that something is wrong with you, it’s that you might be giving someone false expectations. Also, consider the kinds of messages you’re sending. Could what you’re saying be causing others to turn the other way?

Problem #2: Your date didn’t match their profile photo

Why it could be happening:

A picture is worth a thousand words and everyone wants to speak a good impression. Using their access to go behind-the-scenes, dating site OkCupid found that “the more attractive the picture, the more likely it is to be out-of-date.”

By analyzing the EXIF metadata on the photo uploaded and the date it was added to someone’s profile, they also discovered that 1 in 5 average-looking photos is at least a year old and that older people are more likely to upload older photos.

Solution: Find and evaluate their social media profiles.

You can potentially discover all the social profiles associated with the people you met online via a background check. This can give you good insight as to whether this person is clinging to old photos or portraying an honest version of themselves.

Problem #3: You feel rejected

Why it could be happening:

Online dating exposes singles to more people than they would probably ever meet in person. This giant pool of candidates makes it harder to stand out; leaving you feeling rejected if someone you like doesn’t return the feeling. If you’re looking to increase your online dating response rate, these tips may be helpful for you.

Solution: Choose a better profile photo.

With so many people for singles to see, you want to be the one that stands out. Doing something interesting in your photos is a perfect way to start meaningful conversations – ones that have the potential to lead to love, and not another rejection message. For more tips on best photo tactics, see our blog: Online Dating Photos That Get Dates

Problem #4: Relationships don’t last

Why it could be happening:

The person you met turns out to be a fake, they weren’t ready for commitment, you just weren’t compatible, [insert your own story].

Solution: Know what you’re getting into.

An online dating profile only tells a small piece of someone’s story. Not only that, but it’s likely a dishonest one (remember how many people lie). Often, it’s the surprises that cause the demise of a relationship.

Get to know everything about the person you match with, because with this knowledge, you can have a better perspective of where the relationship might be heading.

Hopefully by trying some of these solutions to your online dating problems, you’ll be able to finally meet the love of your life.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.