America’s Worst Neighbors


America’s Worst Neighbors

February 2, 2017

Getting stuck with a bad neighbor can make your life a nightmare. You won’t believe the crazy things some neighbors have done to one another. Check out these four crazy situations:

1. “Spite Garage”

Paul and Patrice Linehan of Alexandria, Virginia were outraged when their neighbor, Gavin Nichols built his garage two feet from the property line last fall. Their kitchen window now looks onto a fence and concrete-block structure wall.

Now the Alexandria City Council is poising to require property owners to build such structures at least five feet from the property line if their neighbors have a basement or first-floor window within three feet of the shared property line.

The Linehans opposed the construction more than a year ago, but then missed the deadline they could have stopped it when they went out of town. During that time, Nichols began construction.

An online petition and civic association discussions questioning the legality of Nichols’ moves weren’t enough to force him to take down the garage, as the garage “was within the code at the time it was built.”

Resulting from the outrage, the council is working on a revision to the zoning law.

2. “My crazy Nutjob Neighbor”

What do you do when your neighbors act looney? Film them and name the video “My crazy Nutjob Neighbor.” At least that’s what one neighbor did when he wanted to show “all of my friends who ask about her every time they see me” because “I doubt there is a neighbor on earth that’s worse than mine.”

These crazy neighbors jump and celebrate with their arms in the air when he or his wife pull out of the driveway. They walk to the end of the street, following the car, every time – celebrating their departure. If he tries to walk over to talk to them, they hide behind a tree and blow a loud whistle.

That’s not all. This “nutjob” couple even talks about their neighbors on walkie-talkies outside in their driveway, stares through their neighbor’s window when they open the blinds and wrote six letters to the guy’s work to try to get him fired.

3. “Lawn Killer”

In 2008, Miami landscaper, Mitchell Igelko became outraged when his neighbor, Bob DerHagopian hired a different landscaping company than his.

Not long after, DerHagopian’s home – and other neighbor’s homes, too – started being vandalized. There were nails and eggs being thrown at houses, flammable liquid being poured on cars and a boat caught on fire. Suspicious of what was going on (specifically of Igelko, whose home seemed to be the only one not getting vandalized), they banded together and bought a video surveillance system.

What the surveillance video caught was Igelko spraying one neighbor’s lawns with chemicals. A few days later the grass began to die.

Igelko was arrested on criminal mischief charges and entered a plea deal to avoid jail time. Instead he got five years of probation and ordered to have no contact with his neighbors. He has since moved.

4. “Making lives miserable”

Life in a peaceful Minneapolis suburb was fine for Greg and Kim Hoffman before “the neighbor from hell,” Lori Christensen lost her marbles.

It all began over spilled nail polish. The Hoffman’s and Christensen’s daughters were painting each other’s nail in the yard one day when Christensen’s daughter poured nail polish on the Hoffman’s daughter’s hair. Kim Hoffman went over to Lori’s house to let her know what was going on. She “didn’t think it was that big a deal” but Lori apparently did and started yelling and screaming until Hoffman “turned around and started to walk away.”

This was just the beginning. Christensen continued to harass the Hoffman’s, using Kim Hoffman’s history of alcoholism to humiliate the family. She started calling the Hoffman’s son, “son of an alcoholic” in front of his friends and driving a remote-controlled car in the street where the kids were playing, swerving and saying, “I’m too drunk to drive.”

The Hoffman’s eventually went to the court and got a harassment restraining order which would require Christensen to leave them alone. But she didn’t.

Instead, she covered her garage with 25-foot signs that read, “I Saw Mommy Kissing A Breathalyzer.”

Her continued behavior was a clear violation of the restraining order and so she was taken to a county workhouse for 30 days as a convicted felon.

Still, the nightmare continued. When a police chief asked Christensen what she was doing all this for, she replied, “It’s my lifelong goal to make these people’s life miserable.”

The final straw was when Christensen videotaped the Hoffman’s – again violating the restraining order. She was taken immediately to jail for 90 days, lost her job and was ordered not to return to her house for the remainder of her probation (4 ½ years).

Her house went up for sale.

Have you ever experienced an issue with a neighbor as crazy as what happened in these stories? While we can’t control who are neighbors are, we can control how we choose to respond to them. Still, the absurdity of America’s worst neighbors might make you think twice about who you’re living next to.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.