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Google can be handy, but the sheer vastness of the internet makes it almost impossible to reach necessary data without a significant amount of time and effort.

BeenVerified is built to connect billions of data points across millions of records, with affordable pricing, helpful customer service and a wide range of data. We have products to help you search for people, phone numbers, email addresses and much more:

BV People

If you have a name, BeenVerified People may be able to uncover information to help you make decisions about who you interact with online and in real life. Our people search checks criminal and traffic records, current and past addresses and much more.

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BV Phone

With just a phone number, BeenVerified Phone can perform a reverse phone lookup, across billions of data points. You might find out more about unknown calls, including the owner's name, email address and much more - you can also check if the number is associated with spam/scams.

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BV Property

BeenVerified Property can look up an address across dozens of databases, giving you a view into a property and the people who live and lived there. We may also have information on specific property values and neighborhood demographics.

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BV Email

A reverse email lookup can potentially help you understand who may be contacting you and for what purpose. Where available, we may be able to help with a name, other email addresses and much more, to help you avoid potential scams and spam.

BV Username

If you have someone's social media username, BeenVerified Username can compile an easy-to-use report that contains available data connected to that username. Where available, our username search may find other social media accounts, contact info and much more.

Illustration of BeenVerified username lookup

BV Vehicle

If you have a VIN number, BeenVerified Vehicle can perform a vehicle search which may provide important details, helping you make more informed decisions. Where available, we may have info on accident reports, safety recalls, market value and estimated ownership costs.

Illustration of BeenVerified vehicle lookup

BV Money

BeenVerified Money combs several databases to locate assets and accounts held in the name of its users. If you're owed any unclaimed money via tax refunds, pensions, back wages and more, we can help locate the contact information for the appropriate agencies to file a claim with.

Illustration of BeenVerified unclaimed money lookup

BV Obituaries

BeenVerified makes locating people's obituaries and death records easier than ever. We can also help you get a grasp on what's been left behind, whether that's assets and unclaimed money or contact information for family.

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With BeenVerified Complete, you get BeenVerified People, BeenVerified Phone and BeenVerified Email in one package - and you get access to three additional services, exclusive to BeenVerified Complete: Vehicle, Unclaimed Money and Property.

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