How to Change Your Region on Tik Tok

How to Change Your Region on Tik Tok
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How to Change Your Region on Tik Tok

S.E. Slack
June 12, 2021

TikTok is beloved by people all over the globe for its fun and often useful videos. The next time you move to a new location, travel internationally, want to gain more likes or just check out what’s going on somewhere else in the world, a change to your TikTok location can help. We’ll show you how to change your region on TikTok.

How to change TikTok region: A step-by-step guide

With TikTok, you can only see videos in the default language the app assigns when you sign up. That default language appears to be based on your phone number and SIM card location but is also sometimes based on GPS data. For the United States, English is the assigned language. If you want to see a video from another country or region (and want people in those regions to see your videos), you need to add additional languages to your video feed and then locate creators in those areas. Commenting and liking their videos should increase your engagement and could ultimately add more of those videos into your feed and send more of your videos to that region, too.

Note: You can try using a VPN (learn what is a VPN) to try and fool TikTok’s algorithm, but that’s not a guaranteed approach. Although TikTok says it collects information based on SIM card and/or IP address data, the app might also block VPN access if detected. This could lead to removal of your TikTok account.

Follow these steps for Android and iOS devices:

  1. In the app, tap Me in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

  2. On the account page, tap the vertical menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (three vertical dots).

  3. Under Settings and privacy, scroll to Content & Activity. Tap Content preferences.

  4. Next, tap Video languages. Note: On iOS, this will not appear. Move to the next step instead.
  5. Tap Add language.

  6. Tap the language you want for the region you’re interested in.

  7. Tap done.

To watch videos from multiple countries or regions, just continue adding video languages. Once you have added them, find and follow users in those regions and engage with their content. As you do, viewers in those regions should start seeing your content as well. You can easily find someone new to watch, so get started!

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.