How to Change Location on Bumble

How to Change Location on Bumble

How to Change Location on Bumble

S.E. Slack
June 12, 2021

Bumble makes it easy to find business, romantic or other contacts in your area. If you’re feeling boxed in with a local location or traveling somewhere new, you can easily update your location. Not sure how to change the location on Bumble? It’s easier than you might think.

How to change your browser location

Location is automatically established by your phone’s GPS or IP address. If you simply want to permanently expand your options in a small local location to a nearby larger city, you can try asking Bumble to change your original location. Go to Contact & FAQ in your profile and use the Contact Us feature to explain your situation with a request to update your location to the larger city.

If you’re traveling, you have two choices: You can update your browser location when you hit a new city or you can let your phone update to the new area. To let your phone update, close the app and reopen it. The app will automatically adjust to show contacts wherever you are. A few more steps are involved when changing a browser location—those are outlined below.

To change location on a freestyle basis and meet people from other locations beyond your local area, upgrade to Bumble Premium to use Travel Mode. This is a paid feature and it lets you change location on Bumble as often as you wish without requiring your actual physical presence elsewhere. You can choose cities thousands of miles away from your actual location or stay somewhere close—it’s up to you. Changing back to your original location anytime is easy using this feature, too. You can pay for this feature by the day, week, quarter or even your lifetime.

When you’re using Bumble on a web browser, the location is determined by the IP address location. When you arrive at your destination, follow these steps to update your browser:

  1. Click the Profile image in the upper left corner of your screen. (Look for the bee.)

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Under Settings, scroll to Location.

  4. Click Refresh. (The circular arrow to the right of your current city.)

Your location will automatically update. If it doesn’t, be sure you have your browser give permission to access your location. Incorrect permissions can block location updates.

How to use Travel Mode to change Bumble locations on your phone

To use Travel Mode to change your Bumble location on a smartphone, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Profile button in the app.![]( 4.png)
  2. Inside your profile, tap Settings.

  3. Under Location, tap Travel.

  4. In the I’m Traveling To box, type the city or area you’d like to check out. Note: This location will stay on your device for seven days unless you reset it. As you type, Bumble will offer a variety of matching locations. Select one.

  5. A welcome message to the new location will appear on your screen.

  6. Tap Start Swiping to use the app in the new location.
  7. If you want to switch back to your original city or choose another new location, go to Settings. This time, you’ll see the current location highlighted in blue to show your app is in Travel Mode. To initiate a new change to your location, tap the blue Travel location.

  8. Type a new destination in the I’m Traveling To search box to add another location to your search list. Note: As you make new choices, the search list will hold multiple locations to make it easier for you to find and select favorite cities in the future.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.