The Most Expensive Items Ever Auctioned


The Most Expensive Items Ever Auctioned

November 13, 2017

Last month, the “Paul Newman watch” sold for almost $17.8 million. This rare Rolex watch worn by the late actor, Paul Newman is now the most expensive watch ever auctioned. The winning bidder – who paid exactly $17,752,500 – remains anonymous.

So, we thought we’d look at some of the most expensive items ever auctioned:

6. 1933 Gold Double Eagle Coin

This rare coin was created at the imagination of Theodore Roosevelt, who wanted to revamp American coin designs. On one side of the coin is the image of Liberty, holding a torch in one hand and an olive branch of peace in the other. 46 stars surround her with the word “Liberty” above her head. On the other side, the American bald eagle is depicted in flight, with the words “United States of America” and “Twenty Dollars” on display.

It sold for $7,600,000 in 2002. The buyer is anonymous.

5. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta

Ferrari has dominated motorsport and rare car market for decades. The 63 Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta is no exception. One dealer told Bloomberg News that the GTOs are “like the Mona Lisa” of classic car models. The 250 GTO was also the last front-engine competition coupe to be built by Ferrari.

It sold for $38,115,000 in 2014 – making it the most expensive car ever sold at auction.

4. “Oppenheimer Blue” Diamond

Only 10 percent of all blue diamonds are larger than a carat. At 14.62 carats, the Oppenheimer Blue diamond is a rarity. It’s “vivid” blue is also the highest color rating. The action lasted only 25 minutes and the prized jewel went to an anonymous buyer.

It sold for $57,541,779 in 2016 – making it the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world.

3. Jeff Koons’ Balloon Dog (Orange)

Standing at 12-feet, this stainless-steel sculpture resembles the novelty balloon animal you’d see at a children’s birthday party. American artist, Jeff Koons is known for his bright reflective sculptures that resemble balloons. He told Time, “I’ve always enjoyed balloon animals because they’re like us. We’re balloons. You take a breath and you inhale, it’s an optimism. You exhale, and it’s kind of a symbol of death.”

There are other ones like it made by Koons, but this orange one sold for $58,405,000 in 2013 – making it the most expensive piece ever by a living artist.

2. Jean-Michel Basquiat’ainting Of A Skull

In 1982, the late painter, Jean-Michel Basquiat produced United. In 1984, a private collector purchased the painting for $19,000. It kept quietly out of the public eye until it was auctioned in May 2017. The winning bidder was a 41-year-old tech tycoon, rock musician, fashion entrepreneur who showed off his purchase on social media – writing, “I am happy to announce that I just won this masterpiece” on Instagram.

It sold for $110.5 million – making it the most expensive work ever sold by a U.S. artist.

1. Pablo Picasso’ d’Alger’on ‘O’

This painting by prolific artist, Pablo Picasso is the most expensive piece of art ever sold at auction. It was the last in his series of 15 paintings, Les femmes d’as completed on Valentine’s Day, 1955. New York Magazine’s Jerry Saltz called Version ‘O’ “an epic master class on the ways of painting, art history, color, structure, and form.”

It sold for $179,365,000 in 2015. The buyer remains anonymous.

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