Psychopath or a Millionaire? It May Be Hard to Tell


Psychopath or a Millionaire? It May Be Hard to Tell

February 24, 2017

Psychopaths and millionaires can have the same goals that many others have: money, power, material goods, influence. But where they differ is their means of obtaining those goals.

Lacking the qualities that make one human, rich people and psychopaths exhibit similar behaviors and attitudes.

The following are some traits they often share. Do any of them describe your friends or even…you?

1. Lack of empathy

You might be a millionaire if… you tend to focus on building connections with people that can offer you the most value.

A study that paired strangers up to talk about their personal, difficult life experiences, found that those who were wealthier showed less compassion to the struggles of others less wealthy than them.

But you might be a psychopath if… you take pleasure in imagining the pain of others.

Researchers studied the brains of 121 inmates at a medium-security prison and found that when those who are highly psychopathic imagine an accident happening to someone else, the regions of the brain associated with empathy failed to light up.

2. Egotism

You might be a millionaire if… you believe you are superiority talented.

When Nobel economics prize winner and psychologist, Daniel Kahneman analyzed 25 wealth advisors over 8 years, he discovered that their successes had only happened by luck – not skill. But when he told them, they could not believe it.

But you might be a psychopath if… someone’s suffering makes you feel powerful.

Psychopaths have a grandiose sense of self-worth. This study confirmed that they have “high self-esteem, unconstructive strategies of planning actions and non-adaptive styles of coping with stress.”

3. Superficial charm

You might be a millionaire if… you got to a senior leadership position by manipulating others through charm, deceit, or a sense of entitlement.

A study that compared the psychological traits of 39 senior managers and chief executives to convicted criminals found that the business leaders actually scored higher for several characteristics that businesses tend to value, including the ability to flatter and manipulate powerful people.

But you might be a psychopath if… you get joy from manipulating others.

Psychopathic criminals and murderers have been known to be amusing, charming, clever and entertaining conversationalists. They are effective at presenting themselves in a likable way.

4. No remorse

You might be a millionaire if… you can brutally lay off employees or aggressively restructure business for profit.

Al “The Chainsaw” Dunlap, the former CEO of Sunbeam, earned a spot in TIME magazine’s list of “Top 10 Worst Bosses” for his merciless business tactics.

But you might be a psychopath if… you often blame others for something you did or the negative outcomes of your behavior.

The social emotions of shame, guilt, and embarrassment are simply lacking in the minds of psychopaths, as research has shown.

5. Selfishness

You might be a millionaire if… you don’t feel an obligation to help the poor.

Researchers found that those in upper-classes feel less responsible than their lower-class counterparts to donate a portion of their salary to charity.

But you might be a psychopath if… you see the world as yours for the taking.

Researchers found that psychopaths used the past tense to describe their crimes more frequently than the present tense when compared with non-psychopaths. They also showed more dysfluencies (saying “uh” and “um” a lot). The first indicator reveals psychological detachment, while the high use of dysfluencies reveals a need for more time to think before speaking.

In other words, what a psychopath wants, a psychopath wants, and they’ll steer situations in any direction they choose to achieve whatever that is.

6. Unethical behavior

You might be a millionaire if… you tend to break the law while driving.

A series of studies found that upper class people tend to have a more favorable attitude toward greed.

But you might be a psychopath if… you’ve been to jail for violent behavior.

Psychopaths are 20 to 25 times more likely than non-psychopaths to be in prison and 4 to 8 times more likely to relapse with violent actions compared to non-psychopaths. They also make up between 15 and 25 percent of the males incarcerated in North American prisons.

7. Easily bored

You might be a millionaire if… you like to switch companies every few years.

Wealthy individuals like to make a killing, then do it again, and again.

But you might be a psychopath if… you like danger, excitement and living on the edge.

The mundane bores a psychopath. They commit crimes or hurt others just to get a thrill.

Are you a millionaire or a psychopath? Or are you both?

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.