NFL Linebacker Ahmad Thomas Reunited with Biological Parents Thanks To BeenVerified

NFL Linebacker Ahmad Thomas Reunited with Biological Parents Thanks To BeenVerified

NFL Linebacker Ahmad Thomas Reunited with Biological Parents Thanks To BeenVerified

Justin Lavelle
December 19, 2018

The holiday season is a time for reconnecting with family and loved ones. Thanks to a BeenVerified search and a serendipitous meeting earlier this year, Ahmad Thomas, linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts, will have the opportunity to spend his first holiday season with his biological family.

In December of 1994, a 13-year-old Michelle Hooshing gave birth to a baby boy. For one month, she raised her son, whom she named Calvin Darnell, before acquiescing to her foster family’s wishes and putting him up for adoption. She never dreamed that she’d be reunited with him more than 20 years later.

Baby Calvin grew up to be Ahmad Thomas, a bright and talented young man raised by a loving adoptive mother, Marvice. Thomas was 16 years old when he learned he was adopted, but at the time, he didn’t want to know anything about his biological parents.

In an interview with Tulsa World, Marvice Thomas recalls her son’s heartwarming words upon hearing the news: “You are the only mom that I know.”

Years later, Thomas’ athletic skill put him on track for a promising football career. He led the University of Oklahoma Sooners as the team captain during his time there, and after college, he began trying out for NFL teams.

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During a physical exam for one of his tryouts, Thomas discovered he was anemic. Wanting to learn more about his biological family’s medical history, he requested the names of his birth parents from his adoptive mother. Thomas eventually found Michelle Hooshing on Google Plus, and after a few short emails, the two connected over the phone.

During their first four-hour phone call, Thomas learned his parents’ story. Hooshing and Michael Samuel, then 12 years old, were neighbors in the same apartment complex. She became pregnant with their child, and when her foster family learned of the pregnancy, Hooshing was sent away. She hadn’t spoken to Samuel since.

After her initial conversation with her biological son, Hooshing wanted to find Samuel. Using, she found contact information for Samuel and reached out to him on Facebook. Although Hooshing was nervous, her message was one that Samuel had been waiting for most of his life – he had spent years fruitlessly searching for the son they had together, and had nearly given up hope when Hooshing found him.

From then on, Thomas, Hooshing and Samuel regularly spoke on the phone and over FaceTime. On February 2, 2018, they finally decided to meet in person. Any apprehensions the three had washed away during their joyous reunion.

Thomas introduced his biological parents to their two grandchildren, Skylynn and Ahmad II. He also gained six half-siblings, as each of his parents had three children. The reunion also brought more happy news: Hooshing and Samuel were married in April 2018.

The touching story of Ahmad Thomas and his biological parents wouldn’t be possible without the power of technology. With just their full names to go on, this once-separated family found each other and formed a lasting bond that was over two decades in the making.

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