Took a DNA Test? 4 Things You May Want to Do When You Get Your Results

Consumer DNA tests are one of the hottest trends right now, with 23andMe boxes lining Target’s end caps and Kelly Ripa promoting It’s a pretty amazing concept: Spit into a tube and get a wealth of information about your ancestral history and family lineage.

NFL Linebacker Ahmad Thomas Reunited with Biological Parents Thanks To BeenVerified

The holiday season is a time for reconnecting with family and loved ones. Thanks to a BeenVerified search and a serendipitous meeting earlier this year, Ahmad Thomas, linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts, will have the opportunity to spend his first holiday season with his biological family.

How to Say No When Friends or Family Ask for Money

When your loved ones ask for help, your first instinct is probably to say yes, no matter the situation. No one wants to turn down a family member or friend in need, but constantly sacrificing your resources can become a dangerous cycle.

How Do I Plan A Holiday Family Reunion?

Getting your relatives together for the holidays can be a challenge, especially if you live far away or if there’s been some family drama. Planning a family reunion during this time of year can be a great opportunity to reconnect with your family, regardless of the situation.

Trying To Adopt? How To Avoid Adoption Scams

For couples who can’t have their own children and are trying to adopt, there’s nothing more exciting than finding a match – or more heartbreaking when an adoption falls through.

I'm Getting Divorced – How Do I Tell My Family?

Breaking the news of your separation or divorce to your parents, children, friends, and relatives can be awkward and painful. You may not even want to tell people at first in case there’s a chance you’ll get back together.

Reconnecting With Long Lost Family Members

Finding a long lost family member you've lost touch with is only half the battle. If you want to reconnect, you'll have to start a conversation.

Hate His Family? Here’s What To Do

There’s a reason why meeting your significant other’s family members for the first time is such a huge deal for many couples: There’s always the possibility that you just won’t get along.

Dysfunctional Family? How To Survive The Holiday Season

It’s easy to be excited about holiday gatherings when you get along with your relatives. For some of us, however, a dysfunctional family dynamic can be a source of intense stress this time of year.

3 Safe Thanksgiving Conversation Topics

Thanksgiving is notorious for having heated conversations about politics with family. If you’d rather avoid having another argument about healthcare with your in-laws, then here are a few safe conversation starter ideas (that might even create stronger family ties):

6 Holiday Conversation Landmines To Avoid

Want to avoid holiday arguments, awkward conversations and uncomfortable moments with family this year? Then you should probably avoid these topics: 1. T.V. Spoilers When you’ve seen every episode of American Vandal, and some of your relatives are still watching (not binging), it’s best not to spoil it for them or you could make them very upset.

6 Ways To Honor And Reconnect With Veterans

The first Veterans Day – then called Armistice Day – marked the end of WWI, on November 11, 1919. Since 1926, the United States has observed November 11 as a day to honor all American veterans – living or dead.

3 Ways To Lose a Family Member (And One Way To Find Them)

Our expectations of family life often come up short in reality. In some cases what should be a loving haven actually turn into a nightmare and family members can not only drift apart, but even become lost to one another over time.