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Because some cities have higher crime rates, it may be more likely for its residents to have criminal records or criminal backgrounds. Therefore, when searching for someone’s background records, it may be important to know basic criminal information about the city and state where they live or have lived in the past.

You can peruse our statistics to find out general demographics & criminal information about Maple Valley:

Maple Valley Crime Rankings:

Statewide (2015)

  • Population: 41st
  • Violent Crimes: 55th (131st per 100k)
  • Rape: 30th (69th per 100k)
  • Agg. Assault: 53rd (136th per 100k)
  • Robbery: 47th (113th per 100k)
  • Property Crimes: 64th (141st per 100k)
  • Burglary: 48th (119th per 100k)
  • Larceny: 67th (132nd per 100k)
  • Vehicle Thefts: 64th (143rd per 100k)
  • Arson: 19th (31st per 100k)

Nationwide (2015)

  • Population: 1,535th
  • Violent Crimes: 610th (3,906th per 100k)
  • Murder: 77th (413th per 100k)
  • Rape: 181st (1,038th per 100k)
  • Agg. Assault: 475th (3,547th per 100k)
  • Robbery: 340th (1,809th per 100k)
  • Property Crimes: 1,338th (4,449th per 100k)
  • Burglary: 619th (2,746th per 100k)
  • Larceny: 1,231st (4,512th per 100k)
  • Vehicle Thefts: 493rd (2,366th per 100k)
  • Arson: 111th (562nd per 100k)

In King County (2015)

  • Population: 16th
  • Violent Crimes: 16th (18th per 100k)
  • Rape: 13th (15th per 100k)
  • Agg. Assault: 15th (18th per 100k)
  • Robbery: 19th (23rd per 100k)
  • Property Crimes: 18th (29th per 100k)
  • Burglary: 17th (22nd per 100k)
  • Larceny: 18th (29th per 100k)
  • Vehicle Thefts: 20th (31st per 100k)
  • Arson: 8th (5th per 100k)

General Data

  • Population: 25,686
  • Households: 8,423
  • Median Income: $100,443
  • Land Area: 5.986 miles2
  • Water Area: 0.18 miles2
  • Time Zone: PDT

Maple Valley, WA Crime Rate Information

Crime Category 2014 2015
Murder 0 0
Rape 1 10
Agg. Assault 12 11
Robbery 0 2
Burglary 88 109
Vehicle Thefts 23 23
Arson 3 7

Violent Crimes in Maple Valley, WA in 2015

Crime Reported Numbers
Murder 0
Rape 10
Aggravated Assault 11
Robbery 2

Property Crimes in Maple Valley, WA in 2015

Crime Reported Numbers
Burglary 109
Larceny 314
Motor Vehicle Theft 23
Arson 7

Robbery in Maple Valley, WA

Year Robbery
2006 2
2007 0
2008 4
2009 6
2010 7
2011 7
2012 8
2013 6
2014 0
2015 2

Violent Crimes in Maple Valley, WA

Year Violent Crimes
2006 25
2007 11
2008 20
2009 24
2010 38
2011 25
2012 25
2013 15
2014 13
2015 23

Washington Criminal Statistics:

As the table-above indicates, major crimes in 2015 in Maple Valley, WA included 23 violent crimes and 446 property crimes. The 23 violent crimes included: 0 murders, 11 aggravated assaults, 10 forcible rapes, and 2 robberies. The 446 property crimes included: 23 motor vehicle thefts, 109 burglaries, 7 counts of arson, and 314 counts of larceny and/or theft. Of course, there were additional offenses in Maple Valley, WA which fell outside of the major crime category; these crimes are generally charged as misdemeanors. It is important to realize that the numbers above reflect the reported crime rate, not the actual crime rate. Depending on the crime, there can be a huge disparity between the actual crime rate and the reporting rate.

Crime Category 2014 2015
Violent Crimes 20136 20394
Murder 174 211
Rape 4866 4898
Agg. Assault 11627 12029
Robbery 5640 5449
Property Crimes 261706 248369
Burglary 55290 50993
Larceny 175769 170509
Vehicle Thefts 30647 26867
Arson 0 0

Looking for information on a specific individual in Maple Valley, WA? BeenVerified can help you locate background check and criminal records for individuals living in Maple Valley or in the greater Maple Valley, WA metropolitan area. These records can help you determine if someone has been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of a crime. However, it is important to realize that the absence of a criminal record is no guarantee that a person has not engaged in criminal behavior.

Most major metropolitan areas include suburbs and surrounding areas. Crimes in those areas may not be charged in the city, but in the surrounding county or state. Therefore, it may be important to look at statewide crime statistics.

Robbery in the state of Washington

Year Robbery
2006 6405
2007 6053
2008 6347
2009 6699
2010 5929
2011 5638
2012 5745
2013 5819
2014 5640
2015 5449

You may also want to look at crime trends to compare a city to the state or the country, as a whole. To do this, you do not look at the overall number of crimes, but at the crime rate. It is also helpful to look at crime rates over time to determine whether a city or state is experiencing a growth in crime compared to the country, as a whole. Conventionally, the crime rate is reported as incidents per 1,000 people.

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