District of Columbia Criminal and Arrest Records

Criminal Records in District of ColumbiaWe have free crime statistics for District of Columbia, as well as the 1 counties within it. The population was 672,228 and there were 8,531 violent crimes committed. In the same year, there was also 31,435 major property crimes committed.

The most populous county in District of Columbia is District of Columbia, while District of Columbia has the least amount of people. However, in terms of violent crimes per person, District of Columbia has the most crimes, while District of Columbia has the least.

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Criminal and Court Records for Counties in District of Columbia

District of Columbia Crime Rate Information

Crime Category 2014 2015
Violent Crimes 8199 8531
Murder 105 162
Rape 824 860
Agg. Assault 4125 4133
Robbery 3497 3742
Property Crimes 34147 31435
Burglary 3466 2971
Larceny 26898 25200
Vehicle Thefts 3783 3264

Aggravated Assault in DC

Year Assault
2006 4589
2007 3686
2008 3707
2009 3388
2010 3360
2011 3055
2012 3504
2013 3830
2014 4125
2015 4133

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