5 Modern Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

cheating girlfriend
Changes in how she’s presenting herself on social sites could be an indication she’s unfaithful.
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Disclaimer: The below is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.

Are you growing suspicious that your girlfriend is cheating on you? Sometimes people imagine issues that aren’t really there, bred from insecurities and paranoia. But sometimes, these “gut feelings” may be quite telling.

In today’s high-tech world, where most everyone has constant access to others, it’s easy to connect with an old boyfriend, an attractive coworker or even a crush from the local coffee shop. Between social media and texting, your partner has the technological capacity to be disloyal to you, even while in the same room.

While you should be able to trust your partner, no one wants to be in the dark if that person is actually being unfaithful. If you’re convinced that your girlfriend is cheating on you, look for these modern signs that she might have romantic feelings for someone else.

1. She pays more attention to her phone than to you.

Just because your girlfriend is physically with you doesn’t mean she is emotionally present. A partner who is more occupied with her phone than with you could be a major red flag.

Pay attention if you see that your girlfriend is keeping her phone closer than usual and is now constantly glued to it (when she wasn’t before). While you are not entitled to read her messages, you may want to casually ask who she’s talking to. If she gets defensive or flustered, you might have a reason to be suspicious.

2. She’s texting late at night.

Late-night texting isn’t an automatic indicator of cheating. However, if you notice her sneaking texts while she thinks you’re asleep at 2 a.m., it could be that she’s trying to conceal her communications with someone.

Don’t jump to conclusions that it’s a secret lover, though; instead, evaluate her body language in these moments. Does she seem anxious about hiding it from you? Does she look giddy while texting whoever is on the other end? More importantly, does she appear the same way when she’s communicating with her family or her best friends?

This is the kind of situation that your instincts are designed for. Her reaction to a late-night text may tell you a lot. If she rolls over in bed and ignores it, it may well be nothing. But if she keeps her back toward you and continuously checks that you’re asleep, it may be cause for concern.

3. Her social media profiles begin to look different.

Consider how your girlfriend is presenting herself to her social media connections. Has she begun to post provocative pictures online, or been deleting old photos of the two of you together?

A cheating girlfriend may also suddenly start acting more socially proactive. Was your girlfriend a sweatpants-wearing, Netflix-binging kind of girl before she started ditching you for nights out at bars or clubs every weekend? You might notice that she’s posting more pictures online of her with her friends, and less photos with you. Changes in how she’s presenting herself on social media accounts could simply be the result of increased self-esteem. Or, it could be that she’s trying to make herself appear more attractive for someone else.

4. She won’t let you near her phone or laptop.

Has your girlfriend recently added or changed a passcode on her phone? Is her laptop suddenly locked when it did not use to be? Does she freak out if you are near her phone? While she might just want to keep her devices safe and private, this could also be a sign that she is discreetly hiding her online activity from you.

5. She’s not sending you cute texts anymore.

Have your girlfriend’s messages lost that loving touch? Do hearts and happy emojis feel like a thing of the past? Or maybe text conversations have become one-sided.

Most people want to make their partner feel special and loved, and sending sweet texts is one way to convey that. If conversations do not feel the same as they did when you started dating, it could be a sign that her affections are waning — or that she is investing her emotions elsewhere.

You want to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she’s just stressed out at work and has her mind on other things. But if she’s not willing to open up, or simply dismisses your concerns, remarking that everything is fine when you inexorably feel that it’s not, you may want to take that with a proverbial grain of salt and investigate further.

Infidelity is as old as relationships, but the possible signs of cheating have changed. If you notice any of the above behaviors in your girlfriend, you may want to start a conversation with her that will help you uncover the truth.

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