How Risky Is Tinder's New 'Places' Feature?

Ever wish it was easier to meet someone new at your favorite bar or coffee shop? Tinder’s new “Places” feature wants to help you out.

Is Your Teen Swiping Right?

In the days before smartphones, dating apps, and constant internet connectivity, teenage couples would meet each other at school or through their friends, and communicate with each other primarily through phone calls (and maybe a few secret notes passed in class).

Found Your Spouse On A Dating Site? Here's What To Do

Despite vows of fidelity on their wedding day, it’s not uncommon for married individuals to stray from their spouses. In fact, Statistic Brain research found that in 41 percent of marriages, one or both spouses admitted to physical or emotional cheating.

Not Interested! Shut Down Creepy Flirts With These Tips

We’ve all been there: One person is romantically interested in another, and the object of their desire wants nothing to do with them. Being on the “rejected” side of this equation can sting, but it’s not always better to be the one who’s pursued.

10 Reasons Why You Can't Get A Second Date

Wondering what went wrong on the first date that didn’t get you to a second date is an awful feeling. Even on dates that seemed to go well, your date might later tell you something like, “I just didn’t feel a strong enough connection” or he or she might completely ignore your attempts to maintain contact.

Is It Worth Paying For Tinder?

If you’ve browsed for apps lately, then you probably noticed that Tinder is now the highest grossing app on Apple’s App Store. The dating app just released “Tinder Gold” last week, allowing “Tinder Plus” users to see who swiped right on their profile without swiping right back, and this feature is obviously giving Tinder users what they wanted.

Dating Apps Match With Older Singles

Everything that is old becomes new again. In the late 90s and early 00s, matchmaking sites eHarmony and dominated the world of online dating. They targeted love-seekers in their 30s and older – charging a membership of “$40 to $60 a month.