Sheila Olson

Sheila Olson is a freelance writer and content strategist specializing in personal finance, healthcare and technology. She covers financial and biotech stocks and index funds at Investopedia and writes for eHealth, Prudential and other major financial brands. Sheila is a native midwesterner and has a degree in English from Augustana College. She is active in pit bull rescue and currently lives in North Carolina with Poe and Stella, her bully rescues.

Recent Articles by Sheila

How to Create Gmail Account Without a Phone Number

March 26, 2020

Want a gmail account but don't want to have a phone number tied to the account? Here's what to do.

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How to Find Someone on Tiktok: 6 Simple Tips

January 28, 2021

Looking for someone on TikTok? Here are six simple tips on how to try and find people on TikTok.

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How to Find Someone's Cell Phone Number Online

February 18, 2020

Finding someone’s cell phone number online isn’t always easy, but here are several ways to search that may turn up the number.

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How to Prevent Cyberbullying

January 8, 2021

As kids spend more time on the internet learning and socializing, parents should be alert to signs of cyberbullying and ways to help their child when it happens.

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How to Track a Phone Number

December 11, 2019

Use the Find My app on iPhone or Google's Find My Device app on Android devices to track the location of a device on your family plans.

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How to Transfer Google Authenticator to a New Phone

March 4, 2020

When setting up a new phone, don't forget to move over security features like Google Authenticator to safely use your phone online.

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How to Unblacklist a Phone: 9 Tips for Blacklist Removal

September 26, 2020

Want to know how to unblacklist a phone? Here are the steps you need to take, including what to know about the phone’s IMEI number.

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Online Survey Scams: How to Spot and Protect Yourself?

January 3, 2020

Online surveys often promise cash for filling out the information, but are they legit? Here's how to detect bogus online surveys and tips to protect yourself.

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Stolen phone? How to Blacklist a Phone in 3 Steps

March 4, 2020

Lost or stolen phone? If so, you may want to blacklist your phone to prevent your device and data from being sold and used by someone else.

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What is Cyber Security? How to Ward Against Online Threats

December 6, 2019

Cyber security is the process of protecting online devices and software from malicious attack. What you need to know.

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