Does Crime Spike On Halloween? Tips For Protecting Your Trick-Or-Treaters

Halloween is upon us, and your neighborhood will soon be overrun by tiny princesses, ghosts, superheroes, and slasher film characters looking for candy. No matter how cute those Halloween trick-or-treaters are, you might be wondering what tricks some criminals may have up their sleeve during this holiday.

Voter Registration Data: What's In The Public Record?

Election Day is just around the corner, and everywhere you turn, various organizations, committees, and individuals are urging Americans to register to vote. When you register with your local district as a voter, that information becomes part of the public record.

Should Lottery Winner Information Be Public?

If you won the lottery, would you want everyone to know who you were? As of this morning, one lucky South Carolina resident just became the sole winner of the $1.

A Reporter's Two-Year Legal Battle Over Public Record Request Ends In Victory

Portland, Oregon-based reporter Beth Slovic never imagined that a simple request for public records would lead to a lengthy legal battle. In November 2016, Slovic, who was working as a freelance journalist, asked Portland Public Schools to provide a list of employees who were currently on paid administrative leave.

7 Legal Terms Every American Should Know

Statistically speaking, most Americans end up in a courtroom at some point during their lives. Even if you’re not among the nearly 80 million individuals in the FBI’s criminal database, you may have to appear before a judge for traffic violations, divorce and child custody matters, non-payment of debts, and other civil lawsuits – or at the very least, you’ll be called to serve on a jury.

'Free-Range Parenting' Or Child Neglect? How To Strike The Right Balance

In a safe, quiet neighborhood, you may not think twice about letting your child stay home alone or sit inside your locked vehicle while you run a quick errand.

Identity Theft And The Dark Web: How To Protect Yourself

The dark web contains unindexed, hidden information like personal details that can be sold to identity thieves. Here's how to check the dark web for your information.

Why Do Couples Renew Their Wedding Vows?

There was a virtual collective gasp on the internet when Jay-Z dropped his 2016 album 4:44, in which he seemed to admit he cheated on America’s Sweetheart and his wife: Beyoncé.

Napa Valley Winery Murder: A Cautionary Tale About Business Partnerships

In March of 2015, Napa Valley police received a disturbing call from 48-year-old businessman and investor Emad Tawfilis, who said he’d been shot and was being chased through a vineyard.

Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Money Management

One of the top skills people wish they’d learned in school is basic money management, but personal finance lessons are usually left up to parents.

Found Relatives On A DNA Test Site? What To Know Before You Meet Up

Imagine getting a home DNA test kit, just for fun — only to find out that your father wasn’t your biological father at all. That’s precisely what happened to Colorado resident Kasi Mireles Taylor.

How Much Does Facebook Really Know About You?

You (and most people you know) are likely among the 2.19 billion worldwide individuals who use Facebook. But do you ever wonder just how much information you’re handing over to the social networking giant, simply by having an active profile?

Stress Levels Are On The Rise: Healthy, Productive Ways To Cope

Stress can come from all different sources, including relationships, family, jobs, and finances. It can be short-lived and temporary, like a big project at work, or ongoing, such as consistent family drama or marital issues.