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BeenVerified Spam Call Complaint Monitor: Business Imposter Scams Greatest Threat in 2021

December 2, 2020

Impersonators claiming to be from fraud prevention departments from Amazon and other businesses have emerged as the spam call threat this past year.

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BeenVerified Spam Call Complaint Monitor: Delivery Scams Top Fraud During Pandemic

November 1, 2021

One in 10 report being targeted by delivery scams during the COVID-19 pandemic as a majority of Americans spend more time at home, according to our analysis.

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BeenVerified Study: Hacks Impact Nearly 6 in 10 Email Accounts—and Most Unaware

March 28, 2021

With millions of Americans working, learning and shopping online more than ever, BeenVerified found nearly 60% of email accounts had been part of a data breach.

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Catalytic Converter Thefts Triple 2020 Numbers in Seven Months

June 18, 2021

BeenVerified found catalytic converter thefts are already 208% higher than all of 2020, and the trend shows no signs of slowing.

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December 2020 Stimulus Calculator

December 23, 2020

Use our free stimulus check calculator to estimate the size of your Economic Impact Payment.

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Romance Scams: Dating Sites, Escort Services Are Top Targets for Fraudsters

January 21, 2022

Romance scams rose nearly 200% during the pandemic, according to complaints filed with BeenVerified’s reverse phone search users.

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Search for “Gas Theft” Victims Rose 600% After Ukraine War, Record Prices

May 25, 2022

Record gas prices and the Ukraine War led to a 600% surge in gas theft search terms. See which states saw the biggest spike in gas theft search queries.

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Top States, Hometowns for US Summer Olympic Athletes

July 16, 2021

An analysis by BeenVerified examines which states and cities produced the most Olympians and medals in the 125-year history of the Games.

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