#ShouldaBeenVerified: Know Your Neighbors (and Their Firearms)

It seems nearly every week a horrific new shooting is mentioned in the news. While the current mass shooting in Oregon is making headlines, another heartbreaking incident occurred recently in Tennessee that deserves attention in its own right.

#ShouldaBeenVerified: Donate to Refugees, Not Scams

The ongoing Syrian refugee crisis has sparked an understandable human urge to help them, just like the Ebola epidemic and Haitian earthquake crisis among many others before them.

#ShouldaBeenVerified: These Women Lost $300k to Romance Scams

$300,000 can buy a nice home in most areas of the United States and take a lifetime for most average people to save. Yet, the New York Times recently reported that multiple older women across the country have lost sums of this size by being tricked into sending money to supposed online love interests that they had never met in person.

#ShouldaBeenVerified: IRS Phone Scam Kingpin Gets 15 Years

Continuing with our good news/bad news theme from our previous #ShouldaBeenVerified entry, we’re happy to announce that a kingpin of the notorious IRS phone scam that conned American taxpayers out of $1.

#ShouldaBeenVerified: Romance Scam Gang Fleeced Women out of $1.5 mil.

Do you want the good news or bad news first? Well, the good news is that Canadian police identified and arrested a shadowy online gang that had been scamming women out huge sums of money.

#ShouldaBeenVerified: Long Walk Home For Robbed Online Dater

61-year-old man conned by his 21-year-old online date; long, lonely walk back to his home robbed of valuables.  While women over 40 make up a disproportionate share of romance scam victims, news out of Wisconsin shows that older men are vulnerable, too.

#ShouldaBeenVerified: Romance Scams Cost Victims $14,000 Each in 2014

Women over 40 most vulnerable to the FBI’s top reported scam last year; Who’s Watching Grandma? We talk a lot about online dating scams here at BV and that’s no coincidence.