How to Spot a Con Artist

It's important to know how to spot a con artist and understand how they might pick a target. Consider these five common traits of fraudsters.

Factors That Increase Your Risk Of Identity Theft

Identity theft is a big issue, and every single person is at risk. Last year’s Equifax hack showed just how easy it is for criminals to gain access to personal information en masse.

Is That Really Microsoft Calling? How To Avoid Tech Support Scams

Despite warnings that come year after year about tech support scams, fraudsters continually find new and more effective ways to trick consumers into giving up their personal and financial information.

IRS Phone Scam: Bad Guys Arrested

Earlier this month, hundreds of workers in Mumbai were investigated and dozens arrested for one of India’s largest scams. Targeting thousands of US citizens, the call center workers posed as IRS officials “in order to steal tens of millions of dollars, Indian police have said.