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'Free-Range Parenting' Or Child Neglect? How To Strike The Right Balance

In a safe, quiet neighborhood, you may not think twice about letting your child stay home alone or sit inside your locked vehicle while you run a quick errand.

Napa Valley Winery Murder: A Cautionary Tale About Business Partnerships

In March of 2015, Napa Valley police received a disturbing call from 48-year-old businessman and investor Emad Tawfilis, who said he’d been shot and was being chased through a vineyard.

Found Relatives On A DNA Test Site? What To Know Before You Meet Up

Imagine getting a home DNA test kit, just for fun — only to find out that your father wasn’t your biological father at all. That’s precisely what happened to Colorado resident Kasi Mireles Taylor.

Ready For A Smart Home Device? Know The Security Risks Before You Buy

Every year, more and more internet-connected gadgets become available to help you stay organized and quickly access the information you need. Amazon Alexa and Google Home are among the most popular smart home devices, serving as a voice-controlled hub that gives you what you need, whether that’s listening to new music, requesting a Lyft ride, or controlling the thermostat.

4 Vacation Scams To Avoid This Summer

Summer is a time for sunshine, relaxation, and fun family getaways. Unfortunately, it’s also the prime season for vacation scammers. Fraudsters are always looking to take advantage of unsuspecting vacationers eager to get a “good deal” on their travel plans, especially during the summer months.

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"Alexa: Stop Eavesdropping on Me!"

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We’ve all been there: One person is romantically interested in another, and the object of their desire wants nothing to do with them. Being on the “rejected” side of this equation can sting, but it’s not always better to be the one who’s pursued.

Sharing Economy: 3 Ways To Protect Yourself When Giving Out Your Information

There’s no denying that Uber, Seamless, TaskRabbit and other “sharing economy” services have made people’s lives infinitely easier. By pushing a few buttons, we can arrange have a car sent to our exact GPS coordinates, a hot meal delivered our doorstep, or our groceries picked up and waiting for us at home.