Top Craigslist Scams of 2018

Online scammers are more prolific than ever these days. Although the public is aware of these scams, fraudsters are only getting smarter and more sophisticated in their use of technology to carry out their schemes.

Which U.S. Counties Have the Most Millionaires?

The top 1 percent of the United States’ wealth might be right around your corner, but you might not know how or where to find them.

How to Say No When Friends or Family Ask for Money

When your loved ones ask for help, your first instinct is probably to say yes, no matter the situation. No one wants to turn down a family member or friend in need, but constantly sacrificing your resources can become a dangerous cycle.

Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Money Management

One of the top skills people wish they’d learned in school is basic money management, but personal finance lessons are usually left up to parents.

Manage Your Money Today For A Better Retirement Tomorrow

When people plan for retirement, they’re often thinking about all the places they’ll travel to or the passion projects they can pursue in their newfound free time.

5 Bad Financial Habits That Could Lead To Bankruptcy

Carrying debt such as loans, medical bills, and credit card balances can have lasting negative effects on your financial health, especially when your inability to pay it off leads you to bankruptcy.

How Much Are The Richest Olympic Athletes Worth?

Over the last few weeks, athletes from around the globe have wowed us with their impressive skating, skiing, and snowboarding skills in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The Rich Person's Playbook

Research suggests that the divide between the rich and poor has never been greater. Other than being born into a massive inheritance, what is it that leads the rich to be rich in the first place?

The Most Expensive Items Ever Auctioned

Last month, the “Paul Newman watch” sold for almost $17.8 million. This rare Rolex watch worn by the late actor, Paul Newman is now the most expensive watch ever auctioned.

Budget Tactics Anyone Can Follow

Money can frustrate the best of us at times, and often these problems are self-inflicted. According to neuroscientist, Moran Cerf, saving money and having a greater sense of control over your money, comes down to changing your perception of financial timelines.

Pass The Dough: This Season's Highest Paid NFL Players

NFL season is back and with it speculation about the size of the league’s superstar contracts. While much was made out of Pittsburgh Steelers’ Le’veon Bell’s contract stand off that ultimately made him the highest paid running back in the NFL at $12.

Back to School: Tips To Avoid Breaking The Bank

Back-to-school shopping might be as stressful for you as the first day of school is your child. Between backpacks, clothes and colored pencils, you’re dreading the chunk about to come out of your bank account.

Top 5 Money Mistakes That College Students Make

Just as how your college student’s choice of study will affect his or her future career, so will the spending decisions he or she makes now affect his or her financial future.