How to Find and Delete Your Old Social Media Accounts

Most people, especially those of the generations that grew up with social media, have a digital past they’d rather erase. Think Myspace (your “Top 8” is likely not the same now), Tumblr accounts (including all of the emo song lyrics you reblogged after that high school breakup), or embarrassing old Facebook photos (like the ones from wild college parties).

What Is The Dark Web And How Do I Access It?

Most people have heard of the dark web, but many don’t fully understand what it is, how information gets there, or how to access it.

Identity Theft And The Dark Web: How To Protect Yourself

The dark web contains unindexed, hidden information like personal details that can be sold to identity thieves. Here's how to check the dark web for your information.

Is Your Kid About To Do Something Dangerous Online?

Have you heard about the dangerous Internet stunts kids are doing these days? While we all love a good Mannequin Challenge, there are more dangerous stunts trending online, such as the “Choking Game” that just killed a young student last month.

Half of The Web Sites You Visit Are Insecure

The world is changing a lot lately. Come January, you can expect the Internet to change too. In just a couple of months, the Google Chrome security team will “publicly shame nearly half of the world’s websites that don’t use strong encryption.

Truth, Lies and The Internet

It’s finally over! And as much as many of us would like to forget it ever happened, this election season requires some analysis. One disturbing trend has been that over the course of the election, there have been floods of fake news articles on the Internet.