Don't Fall for the "Secret Sister" Scam on Facebook

Holiday greetings, festive videos, and other celebratory posts fill your social media feeds during this time of the year — along with clever scams designed to target you for your money, identity, or other personal information.

Santa Letter Scam: Key Warning Signs

For many children, writing their annual letter to Santa Claus is almost as exciting as finding gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. Imagine how excited they’d be if Jolly Old St.

6 Holiday Conversation Landmines To Avoid

Want to avoid holiday arguments, awkward conversations and uncomfortable moments with family this year? Then you should probably avoid these topics: 1. T.V. Spoilers When you’ve seen every episode of American Vandal, and some of your relatives are still watching (not binging), it’s best not to spoil it for them or you could make them very upset.

Holiday Traditions of The Rich & Famous

It should come as no surprise: The Obamas are spending their last Christmas as First Family in Hawaii again. Every year, the Obama family visits the President’s home state for the holidays.

"Smart" Gifts Come With Risks

Planning to give an Internet-connected device to someone for Christmas? First, there are things you need to know about these devices… The Internet of Things (IoT) Any device that connects to the Internet is vulnerable to hackers.

This Amazon Holiday Phishing Scam May Fool You

Some scams are so phony looking, they make you laugh without skepticism. Then there’s the Amazon phishing scam circulating the Internet recently. This scam is targeting both Amazon Prime members and regular customers, and it’s very sneaky.

Holiday Card Etiquette: Sending Cards That Don't Embarrass Yourself

People have been making holiday card faux pas since the first Christmas card ever. When Henry Cole, a “prominent educator and patron of the arts,” sent the first Christmas card in 1843, some people thought he was encouraging underage drinking.

Fake Retail Apps Are Fooling Holiday Online Shoppers

As we know, the Internet has seen a barrage of fake news in recent months. But now it’s holiday time, and a storm of fake apps has arrived to scam holiday online shoppers.