Avoid Facebook Friend Request Scams

Facebook friend request scams and viral hoax messages are rampant. Here's what you need to know about spotting and avoiding them.

Why Maintaining Old Friendships Keeps You Happy And Healthy

It happens to everyone: You have close friends at a certain point in your life, but you all get older. Families grow, jobs change, moves happen – and suddenly, you’ve fallen out of touch with people you once saw and spoke to all the time.

What To Do When An Old Friend Unexpectedly Looks You Up

Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with old friends, classmates, and neighbors. But being “Facebook friends” with someone or following them on Twitter doesn’t necessarily mean you’re actively in touch with that person.

5 Tips For Recovering From Your Holiday Breakup

Going through a recent breakup? You’re not the only one. A significant peak in breakups occurs two weeks before the winter holidays. It’s suggested that this season of breakups occurs because many would rather break up than “meet the family” (which typically coincides with the holidays) or are looking forward to the New Year, and therefore a fresh start.

6 Ways To Honor And Reconnect With Veterans

The first Veterans Day – then called Armistice Day – marked the end of WWI, on November 11, 1919. Since 1926, the United States has observed November 11 as a day to honor all American veterans – living or dead.

How To Have A Sensitive Conversation In Public

Going out with friends or co-workers on a Friday night might seem like an innocent social activity, until you think about the climate we live in today.

How Well Do You Know Your Facebook Friends?

In the real life, it’s fairly easy to toggle between public and private. What we express with close friends or partners is often quite different than what we might express to co-workers or acquaintances.

How to Make Friends as An Adult

As a kid, it was easy to become friends with anyone who liked the same cartoon or sport as you. But as an adult, making friends requires a different mental outlook.