How to Try and Find Out If Someone Is In Jail or Arrested

If you’re familiar with Dirty John, you might think it seems far fetched and there’s no way it could happen to you. The popular podcast and newspaper series is based on a true story, and recently it was turned into a Bravo TV series.

Does Bravo's 'Dirty John' Live Up to Its True Crime Inspiration?

Bravo’s _Dirty John _just premiered on November 25, and it’s already got people buzzing. The show, adapted from the popular true crime podcast of the same name, is a fictionalized version of the very real story of Debra Newell, a wealthy divorcee who fell for a seemingly perfect man with a troubling past.

Save Your Mom From Dirty John

Online daters beware: This story will send shivers down your spine. Dirty John, a six-part podcast from the Los Angeles Times and journalist Christopher Goffard, tells the riveting story of how one woman and her family were affected by a diabolical man she met from an online dating site.