How to Try and Find Out If Someone Is In Jail or Arrested

If you’re familiar with Dirty John, you might think it seems far fetched and there’s no way it could happen to you. The popular podcast and newspaper series is based on a true story, and recently it was turned into a Bravo TV series.

Cosmo Dinardo: Troubled Criminal Background

Cosmo Dinardo has confessed to murdering the four young men who went missing in Pennsylvania last week. The background of the 20-year-old Pennsylvania man reveals a strange and creepy history of behaviors, including previous arrests, numerous interactions with police and alarming observations from people who knew him.

The Price of Social Media Fame

Adults are no less susceptible to peer pressure than their kids are. In a previous post, we shared tips on how you can help your child be safe and smart when it comes to Internet stunts.

The Most Surprising Ways YOU Can Be Arrested

It’s the “little things” in life that make us happy. Until those “little things” are misdemeanors. When you’re arrested for something you didn’t even know was a crime, or had no understanding you were doing anything wrong, those “little things” quickly turn life into anything but happy.

3 Things To Know If You Get Arrested

Believe it or not, there may come a time in your life that you get arrested. No matter how good of a law-abiding citizen you are, unfortunate events or mistakes can happen.