VIN Lookup is
Perfect for Your Needs

VIN Lookup is
Great for Your Needs

Accidents* & Salvage Records

Search for accident records provided by state-level agencies and trusted car industry partners. See information from salvage auction listings, including date, location, mileage, and vehicle damages.

Vehicle Specifications

150+ data points to describe your vehicle, including photos, color, accessories, safety features and more.

Market Value

Get estimated market values for used and new cars based on historical vehicle sales.

Ownership Cost

We provide a five-year overview of the six biggest categories of expenses typically associated with owning a vehicle: depreciation, insurance, fuel, maintenance, taxes and fees, and repairs.

Theft Records

Auto theft can bring down the value of a vehicle. See if a vehicle you are purchasing is listed as previously stolen and recovered based on our data.

Sale Listings

Search for a sale listing history, including price, mileage, photos and more.

Recalls & Warranties

Safety first! Was your vehicle included in any recalls?

All-Access to BeenVerified

With VIN Lookup, you also get access to BeenVerified’s other popular tools, including people search, address search and much more.

What Can I Do with VIN Lookup?

Selling a car?

Use our data to help assure your buyer they are getting value for their money.

Buying a car?

Check the history of a vehicle to help assure there are no hidden surprises.

Own a car?

Monitor the market value of your vehicle and stay up-to-date on records of safety recalls. Help discover when it's the right time to sell your car.

Why BeenVerified?

With 10+ years of data expertise and more than 100 million searches performed, BeenVerified is the go-to choice for public data access.

Ready to Get Started?

Try VIN Lookup today and learn more about a vehicle you plan to buy or already own.