Real Customers with Real Stories

Trust us when we say we couldn't make these stories up if we tried!

  • Maryann, Analyst
"I found a really great guy. Love at first sight, no doubt! I knew that he was "the one", but also knew that no one is perfect, and that he had a past. I used BeenVerified to run a background check, just to be on the safe side. It helped to give me peace of mind, and it confirmed that fact that he wasn't hiding anything from me. We are very happy, and are getting married in a few months, and are enjoying planning our future and life together. Thanks, BeenVerified!"
  • Jennifer W, Nursing Student
    Herman, MO
"I met a man on a senior dating website who professed to be a 63-year-old widower from Maryland. He also claimed to be raising his 12-year-old grandson, after losing his son and daughter-in-law in the same accident as his wife. Nothing like multiple tragedies to hook the unsuspecting potential love interest. After exchanging several e-mails, I wanted to check him out more carefully. I subscribed to BeenVerified and was able to determine that there were indeed three men by his name in Sykesville, Maryland. However, none of them were 63 years old, and I was not able to find any obituaries for his supposed son who was killed in the accident. Bingo! Red flags started popping up all over, and I did further research on the Internet about online dating scams. My man indeed fit the profile of an online scammer, and I called him on it. Needless to say, I have not heard from him since. Thanks to BeenVerified, I had the ammunition I needed to back up my complaint to the dating website about this scammer."
  • Marcia P
    Madison, WI
"I used BeenVerified to check the women I'm going to go on a date with before meeting them in person. Will say ran into a date that had "Fraud" on her record about which I didn't say anything, but over time she ended up using sentences that were indirectly hinting for money."
  • Daniel
    Galveston, TX
  • Bob M
    Watford, NJ
"I signed up for BeenVerified to find classmates for our 40th Class Reunion. I have found 90% of the people I have searched for and I'm only half way through my share of the list."
  • Diane M
    Kansas City, KS
"I have been trying for over 50 years to find a high school friend with several other software packages, without any luck. Then I saw an advertisement for BeenVerified and tried it. BeenVerified found him in a couple of seconds. It gave me all the information I needed to contact him."
  • Winfred Baker
    Buena Park, CA
"I tried BeenVerified on a trial basis and I became a regular customer very fast. I have other programs I use for locating people and they can't touch BeenVerified. I have tried to find friends of the past with no results and I go to BeenVerified and I will almost guarantee that BeenVerified with definitely find them. I have friends calling me to find people for them and when I do they can't believe that I did because they say they had no luck in locating them at all. They come back and ask me how I did it and I tell them what I used which is BeenVerified and they check it out and they end up getting the program also. I use BeenVerified a lot more than I thought I would and I swear by it."
  • Joe D
    Lake Los Angeles, CA
  • Danielle P
    Mountain View, CA
"I used Beenverified to find out a little information about my fathers ex-girlfriend. Every time I saw her (she was out of town a lot) she just seemed a little fishy. What I found was astonishing. She had over 11 aliases, been arrested more than 6 times for identity theft and was assuming a dead woman’s identity. Now here's the kicker, she WAS a flight attendant for a MAJOR U.S. airline. Once I notified my father we wanted to be sure and used the "court runners" for hard evidence. Sure enough everything we saw on BeenVerified was correct. She is now serving an extensive term and our skies are now a little safer thanks to your website."
  • Kevin
    NW Florida
"My Ex wife started dating a guy that my kids felt very uneasy being around, they said he was not a nice person and was often rude to them. I asked my kids for his name and they told me where he had lived prior to moving to South Carolina. I used BeenVerified and discovered he had been arrested approximately 26 times before in Florida. For drug possession, selling and domestic violence towards women. I informed my Ex Wife that she was dating a bad person and I did not want the kids to be around him. Last week he was arrested again for domestic abuse against my Ex with attempted kidnapping and threat of force. I wish she had listened to me and the proof that BeenVerified worked. Thank goodness he is in jail and my kids are safe now."
  • Todd Allen, Consultant
    Macon, GA
  • Shaun P, Small Business Owner
    Kannapolis, NC
"Been Verified was used when submitting a long-term volunteer visa application for South Africa to the South Africa Consulate. Needed to prove I was worthy of working to improve the quality of life for young people who desperately need to be loved."
  • Barbara B, Dancer
    Boise, ID
"I was offered employment at a company I had been trying to join for quite some time. This company performs background checks. Now, I am not an “adult offender” but I did get in a little trouble as a teenager. I was uncertain if those charges would appear on my record. Failure to report these charges, during the hiring process, would void my offer of employment if they did indeed appear on my record. Of course, no one wants to discuss an embarrassing past so I was not going to disclose my teen years unless I absolutely had to. Well, after using, I saw that the charges did indeed appear. I immediately called the recruiter and informed them of the charges and had the uncomfortable conversation about my foolish teenage years."
  • Michael M
    Jacksonville, FL
"I’ve been having trouble with obtaining a rifle for the up-coming hunting season. I’ve been turned down at the sales counter multiple times, but the sales person could not tell me why. I decided I needed to find out why for myself. I had seen an advertisement on the side bar while checking my e-mail and often see ads on TV about BeenVerified. At this point I decided to give it a try. I did a background check on myself and I was surprised at the results. Someone else had the same name. Even down to the first letter of our middle names! The only difference was our middle name. Now when I returned to the store I used my full middle name instead of just the first letter. To my delight I was finally able to get my rifle just in time for the hunting season to open. Thanks BeenVerified."
  • Alethea F
    Palmerton, PA

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