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A so-called “background check” is often understood to mean a formal review or investigation of a given individual’s identifying information, both historical and current, possibly including details concerning past circumstances and events. Often, these reports may include basic data, such as a person’s name, aliases, phone numbers, other contact information, and addresses. In many instances, background checks might include additional information regarding a person’s work history, education, and possibly even a criminal history (if one exists).

While many background checks may be performed in an official capacity using only an FCRA-approved service (which our site is NOT), members of the public are permitted to conduct certain varieties of “background checks” as a means to access aggregated public information when permitted in certain contexts. This information can be useful in a number of cases, such as reconnecting with a lost relative or checking out the safety of a blind date.

The information included in a background check is considered to be public information, but some data may not be readily available online, and thus may not be shown in a report. Conversely, some digital records may be harder to retrieve from their original sources, and may be more easily and readily available in one place through a background check service. Generally, what information you can access varies from state to state.

To learn more about each state’s specifics, click on a state name below to get more details.

Online Background Checks
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Find Friends & Relatives
Reconnect with old friends and relatives you have lost touch with.
Search Criminal Records
With our court runner service you can have someone go out to courthouses to get records not available digitally.
Check Yourself
See what is in your public records, it is important to know what your online profile looks like.

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