They Did What?! 12 Things You Can Find Out About Almost Anyone Online

They Did What?! 12 Things You Can Find Out About Almost Anyone Online

They Did What?! 12 Things You Can Find Out About Almost Anyone Online

Justin Lavelle
January 4, 2019

Ever wish you could learn all about someone upfront and in advance, so you know if it’s worth it to pursue a friendship, relationship or roommate arrangement? Well, you can’t find out everything – but with the right online tools, you can uncover a lot that a simple Google search won’t tell you.

Search a person's history and background check With the help of a background check service like BeenVerified, you can instantly search public data to learn more about anyone, from a long-lost relative to your new romantic partner. Here are 12 things that you may not have known you may be able to find out about people online.

Who are their friends and family members?

The company someone keeps says a lot about them. A simple search can reveal a person’s family members and circle of friends, hopefully giving you a better sense or idea of their personal relationships and value.

Where have they lived?

Does your search subject have numerous past addresses, or have they lived in the same area their whole life? A person’s address history can open the door to plausible conversations about interesting places they’ve lived (or perhaps why they’ve moved around so much).

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What are their interests and hobbies?

People reveal all kinds of personal facts via their social media posts, from music and movie preferences to hobbies and hidden talents. Searching public social profiles can paint a more complete picture.

What are their political views?

In today’s heated political climate, most people have posted something about their views on one platform or another. Find out how someone ostensibly feels about these matters before you get into a potentially awkward debate.

Who have they dated?

How recent was your partner’s last relationship, and who was it with? Context clues like lots of photos with a specific person or romantic-sounding posts can indicate that someone likely is or was in a relationship.

Have they ever been married and/or divorced?

Don’t wait until you’ve fallen in love to find out that your partner has a history of divorce – or worse, that they’re still married.

Are they a habitual cheater?

Hints on your partner’s social media profiles – like posting their current relationship status as “single” – can indicate that they’re less than committed.

Do they have a secret online dating profile?

The world of online dating can be tricky, especially when your partner won’t delete their open profile. Look for signs that indicate an active account.

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What does their financial history look like?

If you’re planning to make a significant financial commitment with someone, like buying a home or taking out a business loan, it may be prudent to see if that person may have previously filed for bankruptcy.

Have they ever been convicted, or do they associate with known criminals?

If you don’t want to be connected to someone with a criminal record, be sure to search to see if they’ve ever been convicted of a crime. Even if their own record is clean, you should look into their known associates to see if any questionable characters show up.

Do they own any guns or hunting licenses?

Whether you’re pro or anti-gun control, it could be important for purposes of compatibility that your partner shares similar views. Search public records to see if they hold any hunting or concealed carry licenses.

Have they been involved in a lawsuit?

Whether it’s a child custody battle, a restraining order, a business dispute, or another civil suit, you’ll want to know if the person you’re researching has ever been taken to court.

Should you conduct a background check?

Although background checks can be useful and informative, they’re not appropriate in every situation. A basic records search to track down a friend or relative is OK, but if you suspect a spouse or partner of cheating or hiding something, ask them about it directly first – a background check should be a last resort.

Whatever records you’re looking for, BeenVerified can help you easily and privately sift through the masses of public data out there and find accurate information about the person you’re researching – even things that are hard to find. Visit to get started.

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Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.