Reverse Lookup

You've Seen The Commercials... Now Try It Yourself!

What is a Reverse Lookup?

Reverse lookup allows you to take a piece of identifying information and work backwards from that information to find the person attached to it. BeenVerified offers Reverse Lookup services for cell phone numbers, landline phone numbers, and addresses. By entering that information into our Reverse Lookup database, we can provide you with information about who a phone is registered to, who owns or lives at an address, and, in the case of landline telephone numbers, the address connected to the telephone number. One of the things that sets BeenVerified apart from some of our major competitors is our ability to provide information about cellular phones. Even if the cellular phone is not registered to an individual, our Reverse Cell Phone Lookup service may be able to provide you with critical information, such as the location of the cell phone.

Why Would I Use Reverse Lookup?

Ever found multiple calls to your cell or home phone, but the person calling didn’t leave a message? Ever receive a threatening or scary phone call and not recognize the number it was from? How about receiving messages that suggest that you need to return a phone call, but without identifying information or a real reason to return the call? We’ve even heard of scam companies calling people and pretending to be technical support from Microsoft or Apple and convincing people to give over identifying data, which then allows the scammers to either steal identities or place malware on computers, to trap later information entered. Using the Reverse Lookup function can help in all of these scenarios. First, it can help you find out who is calling. This places you in a better position when deciding whether or not to return phone calls. It can also be used when you’re still on a phone call, to verify if the number on your caller i.d. matches up with the person or business identified by the caller.

Of course, not all uses of Reverse Lookup are for negative reasons. Some people are just terrible with names, and, sometimes people take that as being negative or uninterested in them, when it’s really just a bad short-term memory. Do you have neighbors whose address you know, but you just can’t remember the husband’s name? What about when one of your kid’s friend’s parents calls you and you can’t remember how he or she introduced themselves? Using the Reverse Lookup function, you can find out people’s names and spare yourself the embarrassment of not knowing.

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Lots of companies offer Reverse Lookup services for landline phones, but many companies do not have access to Reverse Cell Phone Lookup information. In today’s world, when so many people no longer have landlines and most communications are handled by cell phone, that is a tremendous service gap. BeenVerified offers Reverse Cell Phone Lookup services. Of course, the reality is that Reverse Cell Phone Lookup services may not provide the caller’s name. Many prepaid wireless or cellular providers, especially services like Tracfone, do not require users to register. Therefore, there is no public information available to link the phone number to a user name. However, that does not mean that a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup cannot still provide valuable information. The Reverse Cell Phone Lookup can still provide information such as where the phone is located, and, in some instances, the historical location of the phone. In the case of harassing or threatening phone calls, knowing location can be an important first step in assessing the severity of the threat. Furthermore, simply knowing that the phone is a held by one of the prepaid wireless services gives you valuable information in assessing the validity of any claims made by a caller. Legitimate businesses are probably not going to use prepaid cellular phone services to handle their business calls, particularly calls that would involve the transmission of confidential client data.

Reverse Address Lookup

There are a few reasons to do reverse address lookups. The primary reason may be to find out the identity of the people who live around you. Sometimes this is for innocuous reasons- you just can’t remember the new neighbor’s last name. Sometimes it’s for embarrassing reasons- you know mom and stepdad have a different last name than the kids but you don’t know what it is, and you want to mail a Christmas card or leave a holiday goodie bag addressed to the family. Sometimes the reasons are more serious: a new neighbor gives you the creeps and you want to do some research on him or her, but you don’t have his or her name. There may be neglected or abandoned property in your neighborhood and you want a way to reach the owner. All of these are reasons that people use BeenVerified’s Reverse Address Lookup service. By typing in an address, you can find out several different types of information about the home. First, you can find out the names of people who are residents at the address if they have utilities in their name. You can also find out the names of the registered owners of the property in question.

Reverse Phone Lookup

While many people use cellular or mobile phones for their daily communications, many businesses still use landline phones for their operations. This is true of scam businesses as well as legitimate businesses. Using the Reverse Phone Lookup function can help you determine whether or not the person you are speaking with is telling you the truth about which company they are with and what they want or need from you. Many companies may have multiple business names, so knowing the name of the company who owns a phone line may provide you with additional information about the business. Knowing the name of the company who owns the phone provides you with an additional way to check into the company and its reputation. Of course, some individuals continue to use landline phones. The Reverse Phone Lookup service can identify individuals, as well as businesses, from the phone numbers entered defeating “unidentified” callers on your caller i.d.