Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

You've Seen The Commercials... Now Try It Yourself!

Who is Calling You?

What is more frustrating than a rushing to answer a ringing phone, only for the caller to hang up and not leave a message? What about getting a text message and not knowing who has sent it? Depending on the nature of a call or text from an unknown number, they can be annoying, harassing, or frightening. You may be being contacted by debt collectors trying to reach old roommates or collect on debts that you have already paid. You may be being harassed by telephone solicitors who seem to ignore the National Do Not Call Registry. Perhaps it’s a jealous ex or a stalker, trying to keep tabs on you and intimidate you. It could be as simple as a wrong number, and you may want to contact them to let them know they haven’t reached their intended audience. The problem is, even if it seems like the caller or texter reached you in error, you may be hesitant to let them know about the mistake, scared you’ll be victimized by the next phone scam. BeenVerified can help you. We offer a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service that can help you identify who is calling you, giving you the power to decide whether or not to take those calls.

What is a Reverse Lookup?

People understand the concept of the phone book; with an individual or business name, you can look up additional information, such as phone number or address. As its name suggests, Reverse Lookup allows you to reverse that process. You start with whatever piece of identifying information you have, like a cell phone number, and work backwards from that information to find the person attached to it. The process is very simple and the only thing you need is one piece of identifying information to get the process started. Not sure if the number that you want to lookup is a cell phone number or a landline? No problem. BeenVerified offers both Reverse Phone Lookup and Reverse Cell Phone Lookup services, so that you can check the number against landline and mobile phone numbers.

Why BeenVerified’s Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Beats the Competition.

Unlike landline phone companies, many mobile service providers do not contain directories with user names linked to phone numbers. That means that many people think that there is no way to run a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup. In fact, while many companies offer reverse lookup services for landline phones and addresses, fewer have the ability to offer Reverse Cell Phone Lookup information. The problem with that is that, if a company doesn’t have the capability to provide reverse directory information for cellular phones, then they may not be able to suit your needs. Most people use cellular phones in their daily communications; in fact, many homes do not even have landlines. Therefore, a company offering reverse lookup services that do not include cell phones will not be able to reliably meet your reverse directory needs. Of course, even the best services are limited by the available data. Not all cell phones can be traced to individuals, but that does not mean that Reverse Cell Phone Lookups can’t still provide valuable information about who is calling you.

Can BeenVerified Always Identify a Cell Phone Number’ Owner?

The reality is that no service, including BeenVerified can always provide an owner’s name when doing a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup. Not only do all of the major wireless companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint now offer some version of pre-paid plans that require much more limited customer data than their traditional phone plans, but some cellular services, like Tracfone, have been specifically designed to optimize user privacy, and do not require users to register at all to use their services. As a result, there may be no public information (or private information) linking that phone to a particular user. If the information is not available somewhere in the public record, then no service, including BeenVerified, will be able to get that information for you. However, that does not mean that a Reverse Cell Phone Lookup cannot still provide you with valuable information. The Reverse Cell Phone Lookup can still provide information such as where the phone is located, and, in some instances, the historical location of the phone.

I Used BeenVerified’s Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Service, but I Don’t Recognize the Name

Sometimes, a reverse lookup leads to more questions. You may not always be able to identify who is trying to reach you, or why, even with the name of the business or individual who owns the phone. Fortunately, BeenVerified has consolidated public information into one of the largest databases available, and our information is updated constantly. You can use that information to run a Background Check on the person who is trying to reach you, in order to determine whether or not you want to take their calls or continue to ignore them. If the person is engaging in behavior that you find alarming, you can always run a Criminal Background Check to determine whether he or she has a criminal history and whether that history includes violence. If the cell phone you’ve researched is attached to a business that does not necessarily mean the business is a legitimate one or that their business is with you. You can run internet searches and examine consumer advocacy groups to determine if the business that is trying to reach you is legitimate, and, if not, prepare yourself for whatever scam they may be trying to use.