Why Do Couples Renew Their Wedding Vows?

Why Do Couples Renew Their Wedding Vows?

Chloe Seaman
September 28, 2018

There was a virtual collective gasp on the internet when Jay-Z dropped his 2016 album 4:44, in which he seemed to admit he cheated on America’s Sweetheart and his wife: Beyoncé.

It was one part of an apology to her, but the public wasn’t privy to the rest of that repair job. In fact, before the two embarked on their recent combined tour, they renewed their vows.

Many couples choose to take a second trip down the aisle together for a variety of reasons. All the reasons should be positive, even if it’s following a negative experience.

A Formal Affair

Couples sometimes choose to elope, rather than have a full wedding ceremony. The impulsive choice may be a regret later, and renewing vows is one way to give everyone that’s important to the couple a chance to celebrate with them.

Better Timing

Finances can be a hindrance when it comes to tying the knot, so couples may forgo a big reception for a few years while they save for their dream wedding. Celebrating with a renewal ceremony after marriage can be a better experience, as it’s often more relaxed for everyone.

Celebrating An Anniversary

Any anniversary is cause for celebration, but milestone anniversaries are even more special. Whether it’s a five-, 10-, 20-, or 50-year anniversary, a vow renewal ceremony could be a perfect way to mark that milestone.

Rekindling Romance

Marriage isn’t always perfect, and sometimes a partner slips. Couples who deal with hardships, such as a death in the family, infidelity, or financial woes might be feeling as though the foundation they built is suddenly marred with cracks. If both parties are willing to work through their troubles, they might want to reconfirm their commitment to one another, the way Jay-Z and Bey did. As long as both partners are back to a place of trust, renewing vows could be an excellent way to start over.

Never Stopped Loving

Some couples are just so in love that they want to share it with the world again. Renewing one’s vows doesn’t have to come with some special occasion or date. It could just be to say “I love you” in another way, and it’s becoming increasingly common to do it in this very way.

Before You Say ‘I Do’ Again

If you’re considering renewing your vows with your partner, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Vow renewal isn’t the best way to say “I’m sorry,” and it won’t correct damage done. Also, renewing vows isn’t likely to help you find a missing spark.

Perhaps you and your partner are considering divorce. Vow renewal could be an avenue that’s worth exploring if you’ve tried everything else to repair the marriage. After all, divorce has effects on more than your tax filing status. It can lead to depression, and it can be difficult for any children involved. Be sure you consider the big picture before filing that divorce petition.

There’s a chance you could reconnect with your partner after a falling out, and then you two can talk about renewing your vows. After all, it’ll be the perfect way for both of you to celebrate your love and your decision to keep going as partners in love and in life.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.