New Dating App Says Less Is More

New Dating App Says Less Is More
New app promises more dates in real life, like this one.

Shawn Siegel
February 12, 2015

One common problem with online dating is what’s known as the paradox of choice. Most dating apps provide so many potential matches, so many witty profiles and attractive photos that it can often cause anxiety or even paralysis in terms of making a decision to pick one person out of the vast crowd to go on a real date with.

The feeling of unlimited choice may have peaked with the emergence of Tinder, Grindr and similar apps that let you scroll through endless profile photos of people in your area. In fact, as we’ve noted before, a plurality of Tinder users actually view the dating app as more of a game than a legitimate site for meeting a romantic partner.

Enter Coupleizer. This new dating app tries to solve for the paradox of choice found on most dating sites by taking a minimalist approach to their users’ profiles to encourage more actual dating and less time spent scrolling on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The site asks for just one up-to-date photo (a selfie, at that), along with very basic personal information such as age, gender and sexual orientation. It also does away with OKCupid-style algorithmic matching, which Coupleizers’ founders suggest is mostly wishful thinking.

Coupleizer’s “get to the date” method may help ward off the type online dating scammers we have warned you of before, who rely on building up a long-term, false intimacy via streams of messages, before then hitting up their lonely victims for money without ever meeting in person.

However, users should also be sure to take advantage of the chat feature when receiving a date invite and find out more about their potential matches than the minimal details on his or her Coupleizer profile. We think full name and specific location are a good start, and you can ask for more telling details as your intuition or common sense suggests you should.

Remember that information is power, and cutting out some of the unnecessary back and forth that can be prevalent in online dating shouldn’t mean entering into an information vacuum, nor going on a date with someone before you feel you have a good sense of who they are (and the data to back that feeling up).

You can read more about Coupleizer’s approach to online dating on TechCrunch.

What do you think? Is less more when it comes to online dating? Or are there pieces of information you must have before going on a date?

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.