The Real Online Dating Horror Stories

The Real Online Dating Horror Stories

The Real Online Dating Horror Stories

Justin Lavelle
April 22, 2016

Anyone who has dipped a foot into online dating will likely have an awkward story or two, or maybe even a “horror story” when the algorithms led to an unpleasant coffee date. These types of experiences make for good banter with your friends the next day and perhaps encourage you to be more diligent about the person you will meet up with next, including looking them up online and doing some research beforehand.

While awkward dates are par for the course in most online dating careers, the real online dating horror stories have to do with violence, kidnapping, robberies and extortion.

Take the case of Ingrid Lyne, a mother of three young children who was found murdered in cold blood. The police suspect a man she met online committed the grizzly act. The alleged killer had a long rap sheet, which included multiple counts of battery and assault, among other criminal convictions, according to The Daily Beast. Much of the information on the alleged killer’s criminal information was accessed through public records searches.

Such a horror story has terrible consequences for all involved, including the deceased mother’s three daughters. In case you can contribute, The Daily beast also reports that a GoFundMe page has been set up for their benefit.

All online dating horror stories don’t end in laughs and while the risk may be statistically small, so is the effort it takes to search your date’s name on a computer before you go out and meet them in real life.


Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.