5 Ways to Find an Old Teacher

5 Ways to Find an Old Teacher
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Jeff Greer
April 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered how to find an old teacher? Maybe they were a favorite of yours, one who helped guide your interest into a specific subject. Maybe you need them for a potential reference. Whatever the reason, there are a number of ways you can try to look up your old teachers.

The best ways to find old teachers

There’s no shortage of options to find an old teacher. Let’s dive into each one.

1.Contact the school

Sometimes the best place to start is the source: the school where the teacher worked. Most schools are responsive by phone. If you explain why you’re interested in reaching your old teacher, they may pass on the message.

If the school has an automated answering system that asks if you know the teacher’s extension, find the school’s website and look for the staff directory. The directory may list their extension number.

2. Check social media

A good place to start any search is on Facebook. One note: many teachers alter their profile names—using their first and middle names instead of first and last names, for example—to keep a lower profile among their students. But that’s not every teacher, so start on the world’s largest people-finding network.

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If you search the teacher’s name on Google, you may also be directed to their other social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. On LinkedIn, you can also search for the school where they worked and, if you have the time, scroll through the list of anyone who includes the school as a current or former employer. They may be able to put you in touch with your old teacher.

3. Use a people search finder

Another great way to try and find an old teacher is by using a people search finder, such as BeenVerified’s People Search tool. These tools can especially help if you have any other specific details about the teacher that could enhance the search, such as their first name or places where you know they’ve lived. This type of information significantly helps the people search finder narrow its search.

4. Contact the school alumni association

Does your old school have an alumni association, Facebook group or other informal collection of former students who went to the same school as you? Those groups typically stay in touch with the school, and that connection could prove valuable in tracking down your long-lost teacher.

The value of a formal alumni association is that the school’s ongoing relationship with the group opens up the possibility that the school—and its staff and former staff—may help to search for your old teacher.

5. Search email and online directories

If you spend time searching for your old teacher, you might dredge up some online search results that get you their email address. If you get that information, an email-finder tool may help search for more details about your former teacher. (Of course, if you have their email address, at that point you might as well send them a message if the account is still active. But the search tools may help you confirm the address you have or find other known email contacts for them.)

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.