How To Break Up With Tinder

How To Break Up With Tinder

How To Break Up With Tinder

Justin Lavelle
May 17, 2016

Managing your online footprint has never been more challenging. As we live more of our lives online through social media, we leave trails of public (and sometimes private) data, images and other info that can be discovered by others. If you don’t stay on top of managing this data – including memberships to online dating sites – this info can potentially reemerge at inconvenient or even disastrous times.

Unfortunately, as many users have found, breaking up with some online dating sites and apps can be harder to do than simply hitting the delete button. An article in Quartz recently listed multiple complaints from former Tinder users who thought they had left the site only to find out later their profile was still up and being sent to potential matches.

The main point to remember is simple: deleting an app will not necessarily delete your own personal data (like your profile) from its platform.

Quartz provides directions on how to succeed at deleting all of your info from a number of dating platforms, including Tinder. Most involve going into the app itself, accessing the settings and selecting the “delete account” option.

If you fail to delete your account the proper way your profile, despite its inactivity, may continue to show up on other peoples’ accounts for weeks or even months afterwards. According to the same article, Tinder does not divulge how long it takes for an “inactive” profile to drop off from making active matches.

It’s clear that Tinder and other online dating apps have an interest in keeping its users’ data and profiles to show both its customers and investors a high user base. So it’s up to you to be intentional when you decide to dump Tinder.

When it’s time to break up with Tinder, don’t ghost on them—take the time to delete your account instead.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.