'Fortnite' Game Blamed For At Least 200 Divorces In The UK Since January 2018

'Fortnite' Game Blamed For At Least 200 Divorces In The UK Since January 2018

Sophie Kaemmerle
September 26, 2018

A new report cites popular video game ‘Fortnite’ as a cause for 200 divorces in the United Kingdom since January 2018, or in other words, 5 percent of the 4,665 petitions handled by Divorce-Online, an online divorce service.

In its report, the company reported analyzing data from divorce petitions since the beginning of the year and noticed that addiction to Fortnite and other video games was increasingly cited as one of the reasons for divorce. The report, however, did not specify if Fortnite was a primary cause for the divorces, or if it merely exacerbated existing problems in the relationships.

The game itself is an open-world survival game and allows players to collect resources, create weapons, and generally stay alive for as long as possible. And it’s not just kids and teens who are playing it — the wildly popular free-to-play game has clearly attracted adult gamers. In a nutshell, it has become a global phenomenon with about 45 million active players.

Addictions to gambling, drugs, and alcohol are not uncommon factors that lead to divorce, so the company says that, in this day and age, it should come as no surprise that digital addiction (like to video games) is being added to this list.

But that’s not all: Fortnite hasn’t just been blamed for divorces, but also for violence among teens, skipping school, and even bad dancing, according to the BBC. Even 2018 NBA All-Star player Andre Drummond told The Bleacher Report that the game has" took his life over."

As couples who divorced in part because of Fortnite, it may be safe to say that the game wasn’t the only factor that led to their demise.

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