How to Find Someone's Address With Their Name

How to Find Someone's Address With Their Name
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How to Find Someone's Address With Their Name

Tushar Mehta
March 10, 2023

Finding addresses of businesses and other places of public importance on Google is fairly easy, but the same cannot be said about finding someone’s address with their name. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to find someone’s address by their name. In this article, we will go over how to find someone’s address using their name.

Find someone’s address by name: 7 ways to try

Google, a powerful search engine that stores billions of records online, can also be used to try and find someone. You can use the world’s biggest search engine to try and find someone by:

  • Enclosing the person’s full name in quotes. Google will only return search results that include the person’s full name—for example, “John McCarthy.”
  • Including more information about the person you already know to narrow down your search.
  • Searching the person’s name along with the website of the organization where they work. You will find their information if the person is listed as a contact or staff member on the website.

Note: You can use online tools to try and find almost anyone’s address on the internet, but they should not be used to harm or harass anyone.

2. Social media

Social media websites and applications allow people to interact with one another by allowing them to create, share and exchange information online. Because the sites enable people to list where people live, they may be used to search for an address.

While there are plenty of social media platforms, Facebook is highly recommended to start because it’s the world’s largest social networking site. Here’s how you can try to find someone’s location, address and potentially other contact information using Facebook:

  • Enter a person’s name into the search bar, then click on the People tab. When the search results appear, tap See All. You can also search using filters like Friends of Friends, Education, Work or City.
  • You can also search on the People You May Know section of the Find Friends page. Tap on Friends, then scroll down to People You May Know. To access other suggestions, scroll down and tap See More.
  • You can also enter a phone number into the search bar to perform a reverse phone number lookup and try to find the owner. Because Facebook often asks people to add their phone numbers to their profile, you may find the person by entering the phone number, even if the information has been hidden from their public profile.

3. Public phone directory

A public phone directory is a list of telephone subscribers in a specific geographic area or subscribers provided by the organization that publishes the directory. The goal is to locate a subscriber’s phone number using their name and address.

A telephone directory is also known as a phone book, a telephone address book or the Whitepages or Yellow Pages.

4. Public records

These are nonconfidential documents or pieces of information freely available via government records. If you’re looking for someone in the United States, especially if they own property, you can find their address by contacting the local tax assessor. Depending on where you live, this information may be easily accessible online. All you need is the name of the county where the person resides.

One of the simplest ways to find the official website of a county’s tax assessor is by searching Google for the term “tax assessor” with the county name. You can also use NETR Online, a free online directory of county tax assessor, treasurer and recorder office websites for all counties in the United States.

Many use internet search, people search, social media, property sales, court records and voting records to find someone’s address. If the person owns their business, there are some other ways less well known to publicly search for an address, according to Lucia Chang, an editor at Senior Wing.

If the person owns a business, you may be able to find their home address by searching their state’s business entity portal. Success will depend on a few factors:

  • Whether the person used their home address as their business address.

  • What types of information the state makes publicly available in their business search portal. Some states readily show business name, owner, address and phone, while others publish only limited fields.

  • Which fields the state allows you to search. Some let you search the database for the business owner’s name, while others require you know the specific business name itself.

  • Knowing which state to check (or having the patience to check every state).

    Similar to the above, you may be able to find someone’s home address by searching their city’s business entity portal. This depends on not only the success factors listed above but also whether you narrow down their address to a manageable list of possible cities.

    Domain WHOIS lookup

    If the person owns a domain, whether for a business or personal website, you may be able to find their home address by searching on domain WHOIS lookup tools. This will depend on:

  • Whether the person used their home address in the contact details.

  • Whether contact information for their domain is publicly available. While contact data used to be broadly accessible, it is sometimes redacted, depending on the top-level domain (TLD) and the domain’s privacy settings.

Another way to try and find someone’s address is to search private directories, such as their college alumni directory. Please be mindful of legal considerations. A private directory will have its own terms of use that indicate who is allowed to access that data and for what approved purposes.

5. Requesting a postal address correction

By sending a sealed envelope to the person’s previously known address, you can actually request postal address correction. If you are looking for someone who has recently moved, you may find their new address through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

You would not need to include a letter because the envelope will be returned to you. If the person you’re looking for has requested mail addressed to their previous address be forwarded to their new address, finding their address will be much easier. You can also write your own name and the address to which the envelope should be sent. Make sure to write the details clearly, then write “ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED … DO NOT FORWARD” under the return address.

This text instructs the post office to return the letter to you rather than forwarding it to the intended recipient. The final step is to attach a postage stamp to the envelope and send it. Your envelope will be returned to you, along with the person’s address, in a few days or a few weeks.

6. Reverse phone lookup tool

One of the biggest challenges while searching for someone’s address using their name is eliminating duplicates or inaccurate results. This is primarily because there may be multiple people with the exact same name. In such scenarios, a phone number can come in handy because, unlike the person’s name, the phone number will be unique to them. Besides finding someone you already know, a phone number lookup can be handy.

To try and find out someone’s information, you can use a reverse phone lookup tool, such as BeenVerified.

Among others, BeenVerified offers a reverse phone lookup service that searches for the number through a multitude of publicly available data points, cross-checks them against other available data, such as their social media presence as well as details about their job, properties and potential friends and relatives associated with the person.

7. Subscription people search sites

People search sites are designed to help you try and find information quickly and easily, whether you are looking for a relative or simply trying to contact a long-lost friend or colleague. These helpful websites may provide access to social media accounts, addresses, websites and even phone numbers. BeenVerified is among the sites that offer users comprehensive tools to research public records data for a monthly subscription price.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.