Diddy, Online Dating and Skinny Jeans

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Diddy, Online Dating and Skinny Jeans

Every week on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn we share interesting stories from around the Web. Here are some of the highlights from this week: 

Diddy’s rep says he was defending himself during assault at UCLA

“Helicopter Dad” Sean Combs AKA P. Diddy was allegedly involved in a nasty altercation on the UCLA campus this week, apparently involving a kettlebell at his son’s football workout. His rep has contradicted initial accounts of the event which portrayed Diddy as the aggressor and said that the former Bad Boy was acting solely in self-defense. More to come here.

How Older Adults Can Stay Safe When Dating Online

This article provides some great tips on the warning signs of online dating scams, particularly those targeting older folks. Bad grammar, unavailability to meet in person and asking for money are all on the list.

Wearing skinny jeans could be really bad for your health

When fashion causes pain: new research shows that wearing skinny jeans can lead to muscle and nerve damage. Watch out, hipsters!

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