Would You Date a Gun Owner?

Would You Date a Gun Owner?

Chloe Seaman
May 12, 2017

Nearly one in every three Americans owns a gun.

Do you think about the above statistic when checking out online dating profiles?

Not many singles do. Usually, wondering what views a potential suitor has on gun ownership or gun control is the last thing on your mind.

But before the first date; maybe before even the first message is sent; wouldn’t you want to know if this person holds a concealed carry license?

Or, conversely, loathes guns and gun culture?

Depending on your position – the answer could be a major deal breaker for your prospects of dating someone with opposing views on this issue.

Before investing the time, energy and money you put into finding a special connection with someone, there are some major incompatibilities you can potentially see in the road ahead of time, and steer clear of altogether…

When you don’t know anything about your first date

NBC has a new series called First Dates that sets singles up on blind dates in true reality-show style. In other words, you watch real people going through real awkward moments.

One of the most awkward moments of the show happened when the topic of gun rights versus gun control came up between this pair.

He stated that he was a concealed carry license holder.

She made it clear that she “hates guns.” And that they’re her “deal-breaker.”

Yep, it got awkward.

Unless you’re planning to sit in at a speed dating table, you have the chance and the tools available to you to start learning things like this before suffering through such awkward exchanges with a stranger over dinner.

Awkwardness avoidable

With a tool like BeenVerified, you can discover someone’s public record, which potentially shows if this person has any licenses, such as a hunting license or even a concealed carry license, depending on the state in which they live. By curating data from dozens of public records providers, BeenVerified’s report reveals information that goes deeper than a simple Google search. Social media profiles on some reports could reveal his or her expressed opinions about guns that make you think again about whether you want to date them.

When it comes to license information, keep in mind that states differ in the reporting of records. In some states, an individual is required to disclose if he or she is licensed to carry a firearm; in other states this is not required.

Whether you want to find someone who’s firearm-friendly or you want to avoid someone pro-gun, the information you can potentially discover from a background check might just help guide your next move.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.