Age Is Just a Number: 3 Tips for Dating Outside Your Age Range

Age Is Just a Number: 3 Tips for Dating Outside Your Age Range

Chloe Seaman
February 10, 2017

Among the many settings of popular dating sites and apps is age range.

With this function, singles can either single out or open their mind up to dating someone significantly older or younger, depending on their preference.

For many online daters, the idea of dating outside their age range is met with both excitement and apprehension.

Whatever your age, here are 3 tips you should keep in mind about dating someone older or younger than you:

1. Judge maturity, not physical age

Whether you’re an “older” or “younger” online dater, one thing is for sure – you don’t feel or look your age. eHarmony reports that “today more and more mature members are feeling this way about themselves.” But it’s not just about mature singles feeling young at heart. Many younger daters feel the same way, and are looking for someone with more maturity and wisdom than singles their own age.

Keep in mind when dating someone outside your age range, that how you both feel at this stage in your life, mentally, will determine a lot about the outcome of your relationship. Being on the same page is key.

2. Think about expectations

What do you expect from an age-gap relationship? This is an important question to ask not only yourself, but the person you’re dating too. For instance, an older woman whose been through a divorce might not be looking to walk down the aisle any time soon, as her younger partner might be thinking.

Older singles may say they expect that someone younger will be able to keep up with their youthful spirit and lifestyle. Younger singles might say they expect someone that they can have more meaningful conversations with.

Whatever your expectations are, make sure they’re in line with the other person. Attraction to someone younger or older than you will only take the relationship so far. Communicating your expectations is important because, in an age-gap relationship, expectations may vary.

3. Pay attention to motives

Age-gap relationships have become much more accepted in recent years than before. No longer do you need to mull over the reasons of why you’re attracted to someone outside your generation.

But one thing you need to consider is the motive of the other person. Is it that they’re open to and interested in an age-gap relationship? Or are they solely looking for one? You might want to reconsider someone who will only date someone younger or older, as this gives you a hint as to what their motive is (and if it’s a good one or not).

For instance, older men might be worried about a younger woman preying on his fortune; which is one reason why you don’t want to show off your wealth on dating sites.

It’s one thing to be interested in someone older or younger. It’s another thing to only be interested in someone older or younger.

Judging the person’s motive will help you determine if the relationship is worth your heart.

There’s one last thing to remember about age-gap relationships: Don’t pursue anyone just for their age. These tips will only work if you’re genuinely attracted and have a strong connection to the person. And as with any relationship, these elements are key having a lasting bond – one that stands the test of time, and age.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.