5 Valentine's Day Date Ideas For New Couples

5 Valentine's Day Date Ideas For New Couples

Chloe Seaman
February 2, 2018

Valentine’s Day can be a confusing time for new couples. Make an over-the-top gesture and you risk scaring your date away. Fail to plan anything and you could risk this becoming a short-lived relationship.

Take a deep breath. The holiday of love doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think.

As relationship expert Susan Winter told Bustle, “Valentine’s Day is just one day out of a remaining 364 in which to demonstrate your affection. Don’t buy into the consumer marketing ploy. Meaningful relationships are built on small, consistent acts of kindness over the entirety of a relationship. Grand gestures pale in comparison to the littler acts of ongoing appreciation and thoughtfulness.”

As a new couple, look at this Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to learn more about each other, deepen your relationship and have fun.

Below, we look at five Valentine’s Day date ideas that will help bring you closer:

1. Visit A Museum

Best for… sparking interesting conversations.

Want love? All you need is art. When you’re surrounded by art, history and culture, it’s hard not to express yourself about what you see around you. And when you can express yourself beyond the conversations you’ve already had, you open the door to a more meaningful relationship. Some museums even have Valentine’s Day tours to make for an extra special holiday.

2. Go Out For Pizza Or Ice Cream

Best for… taking the pressure off.

If a romantic dinner sounds too stressful for a first date, take all the pressure off by going out for something as simple as pizza or ice cream. A non-traditional Valentine’s Day makes for a low-key Valentine’s Day, and when you alleviate that pressure, you open yourself up to just being yourself—and that’s best for taking your relationship to the next level. Make it special by giving your valentine a hard-written card.

3. Play A Board Game

Best for… discovering new things about your partner.

Board games have always been a go-to ice-breaker for parties, so playing one on Valentine’s Day just might be trick that helps brings you both closer. And apparently, we’re in the golden age of board games, with games catered for adults “a new go-to social activity.” This Valentine’s Day, play a board game with your partner and you’re sure to learn something you didn’t know about him or her before.

4. Cook Together

Best for… bonding.

Cooking with your partner helps deepen your relationship because you’re both working together to achieve the same goal: make a delicious meal. The time you spend together in the kitchen can evoke stories that bring you closer, like learning who taught your partner to cook. Cooking together also requires that you communicate with each other, which can help you learn things about your partner you didn’t know before.

5. Go Ice Skating…Or Another Activity Date

Best for… having good old fun.

Still at the very beginning of dating? Go ice skating! It’s a good Valentine’s Day date option because you’re bound to laugh and have a good time, without a lot of added stress or planning. You might even hold hands. Activity dates are great for taking the focus off of any early date awkwardness.

Final Tip

As a new couple, you still don’t know everything about your partner. So, it’s imperative that you always use your instinct. Remember that Valentine’s Day when you just started dating someone should be about getting to know this person better and having a good time.

And if this Valentine’s Day will be the first date you have with your online crush, make sure you avoid any private or secluded settings, for safety reasons. For more tips, check out our post, Having a Safe and Successful First Date.

Have a happy and safe Valentine’s Day!

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.