5 Non-Verbal Signals Your Date Likes You

5 Non-Verbal Signals Your Date Likes You

Chloe Seaman
November 11, 2016

Want to know if your date is into you? Look at their body language. When we like someone, we convey that message with our body often without even being aware of it. Learn what those signs are and you can tell if your date likes you!

Here are the signs:

1. They mirror you

Mirroring is something we do instinctively when we want to build understanding. We subtly, without being aware of it, mimic the verbal and non-verbal behavior of someone else. It’s our subconscious saying, “I’m in sync with you.” Relate this to being at a rock concert. The synchronicity of the crowd stimulates a feeling of belonging to a group.

So how can you tell if your date is mirroring you? They might face you with their entire body, mimic your posture or facial expressions, copy your tone of speaking or use the same language as you.

2. They get close

If your date is signaling connection, they might “find subtle ways to touch your arm or hand.” They might also stand close to you or lean in toward you, which signals “partnership, agreeableness and camaraderie” without speaking.

3. They give you their eye contact

Eye contact can tell you a lot about someone’s attraction or interest level. Have you locked eyes? Stared deep into each other’s souls? Heavy eye contact is a likely sign someone likes you, or is at least interested. Look for any signs of intimate gazing too. This is when someone makes a pattern of looking to and from your eyes and chest.

You can also take a closer look at their pupils. If your date’s pupils are dilated, it means they’re looking at something stimulating (you) or they’re in low light. In enough surrounding light, look at their pupils and you can see if he or she is aroused.

4. Their heart rate increases

When two people fall in love, levels of dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine increase. “This internal elixir of love is responsible for making our cheeks flush, our palms sweat and our hearts race,” says Pat Mumby, PhD. If you see your date’s breathing rate increase or feel a sweaty palm, you know they’re probably into you.

5. Their feet point toward you

According to author Judy Dutton, a “surprising giveaway” that someone is flirting with you is the direction of their feet. “Feet typically point in the direction they want to go,” she explains. Notice the next time your date is standing or sitting with their feet pointed toward you.

And if their feet are pointed toward each other, that’s a sign of flirtation too. This position is a “subconscious attempt to shrink in size and appear harmless, approachable” – meaning they like you a lot.

On your next date, look for these non-verbal signs someone likes you. It might save you the frustration of wondering for days if your date liked you or not! And of course, check them out first. BeenVerified can help you decide if you even want this person to like you.

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.