6 Holiday Conversation Landmines To Avoid

6 Holiday Conversation Landmines To Avoid

Chloe Seaman
November 15, 2017

Want to avoid holiday arguments, awkward conversations and uncomfortable moments with family this year? Then you should probably avoid these topics:

1. T.V. Spoilers

When you’ve seen every episode of American Vandal, and some of your relatives are still watching (not binging), it’s best not to spoil it for them or you could make them very upset. If you want to talk about your favorite T.V. series at the Thanksgiving table, make sure that anyone who hasn’t seen it and wants to, keeps that anticipation without you ruining the fun.

2. Resentment

When you are gathered around at the holiday dinner table, it isn’t the best time to let out your resentment about a family member. One just needs to remember how the conversation went in the movie Almost Christmas, when drama quickly ensued after opposing opinions on selling the family home were unleashed.

3. Bad Relationships

Maybe, over the past year that you haven’t seen your relatives, some of them went through relationship struggles, and would rather not have any mention about it. Maybe your cousin got divorced… for the second time. Or your nephew was catfished by an online dating scammer. Be aware that relationships that went sour might be a sensitive topic for some.

4. The Food

If you’ve already had a debate with your relatives about veganism, then you might already know that everyone has a preference about food – from what to eat to how much to eat; and that avoiding this topic altogether is best in keeping the peace. Maybe the canned cranberry sauce isn’t to your liking, or the turkey is dry… in which case you might want to just keep your mouth shut and chew it like they did in the hilarious Christmas Vacation dinner scene.

5. Mistakes

It could be fun if you want to talk about your own mistakes, but don’t point out the mistakes of another family member. Perhaps one of your younger relatives was arrested that year as a result of making a foolish decision, or your uncle went on an embarrassing social media rant in a post that you all still remember. In circumstances like these, it’s best not to put someone in the hot seat.

6. Trump (And Politics In General)

Loathe him or praise him, everyone, it seems, has an opinion about our current President. If there’s one topic that could potentially start a major fight among your extended family, it might be talking about Trump, or about politics in general. You probably won’t change any family members’ minds by voicing your opinion, but you could ignite a really uncomfortable holiday event.

A family holiday event or reunion brings together a lot of different personalities. There’s a lot you can learn and enjoy from those family members you haven’t bonded with yet if you focus on topics you can both relate to.

Avoid these particular topics during your upcoming holiday celebrations and it’ll be a sure good time! (Hopefully).

Disclaimer: The above is solely intended for informational purposes and in no way constitutes legal advice or specific recommendations.